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I'm in the market for a new turntable my budget is $500 (Australian) I have come cross 2 turntables that have really good reviews for the money   pro-ject debut carbon $429 or rega rp1 $499 these are prices from a local shop near me other shops sell them for $500 to $600   I have seen a few reports of the rega rp1 having wobbly platter issues but haven't seen such reports for the debut carbon   has anyone had any experience with either of these turntables? or...
they both seem to have the GE mark on them and be the same model GE mark isn't the easiest to see but they both look like the GE logo from whats left of it on both tubes the model number is easy to see and they are the same   I did a quick google image search and GE did make 2 different glass types of these tubes
I recently picked up these tubes off ebay they were listed as NOS In Box Matched Pair GE USA 6EW7 Black Plate Vacuum Tube however when they arrived here the tubes are 2 different sizes (see pic)   http://s6.photobucket.com/user/cameronol/media/2013-11-19_15-15-06_HDR.jpg.html   are they actually matched?
I'm finding it hard to find info on this equalizer does anyone know anything about it or ever used one? its a 12 band equalizer is it any good or is it a bad equalizer I think I heard that sherwood went through a bad stage where they started selling badly made products with plastic cases and parts not that good but I'm not sure if this was made before that stage or after any info on this item would be great
a while ago my wa6 started making a fuzzy sound it only lasts until the tubes warm up like 5-10 seconds then it stops completely I have replaced the rectifier with a lewis and kaufman 5R4WGB thinking it was that but it still does it could it be the the 2 RCA 6DR7 tubes that came with the unit or would it be something else?
I'm new to the whole tube rolling thing and want to start getting into it, so this is my first tube roll for my amp   I came across some "NOS Soviet 6H8C / 6SN7 / 6SN7GT" on ebay and I know for the woo wa6 you need an adapter for 6SN7 however I am unsure if these tubes will work in my amp I have searched and found that the 6H8C is a substitute for the 6SN7 but has anyone had experience with these tubes and this amp? and is it just as easy as removing the adapter to go...
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