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Wait sorry didn't see the title... I'd be interested.
Is the DT880 32 or 250 or 250 PRO or 600 ohms?
LOL I was gonna ask if he wanted a SCL4-White.. I have more IEM's, e.g. Etymotic HF2, B&W C5, SE535 (+cash), etc etc...
Wow there goes another $400 in my wallet (I already own the C5/P3/P5 etc...)
Just curious, what's the local price in AU for a new PRO 900? In the US it's $450 on amazon, $550 on other sites....
I have a BRAND NEW SEALED Ultrasone PRO 900 (great bass!) that I'd let go for $395 USD + Shipping to Australia, but I'm not sure how much shipping to AU would be....
Wait is this REV.2 or higher with white drivers?
PM sent. I'm sure you'll find something you like in that list
PM Sent with like 20 items for trade lol
PM sent about a W3 trade..
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