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Beautifully dark.
I use the Ember with the HD650s as well. Blissful Elysium to my ears. Couldn't ask for more. Happy with choosing the Ember over Schiit's offerings, mostly for its versatility.
...I need to start making more money :P
One thing to consider is that HifiMan has a bit of a problem with QC.
These sounded great out of the box and has only gotten better with use. Whether its actual physical or mental burn in, I cannot answer. But I've definitely heard some headphones that seemed to be more affected by this than others. (HiFiMan HE400 for example)
Spent a lot of time before joining Head fi browsing this comparison. Made many a purchase referencing this.
Neither. I'd get the Wii U
Did you get a deal on your pair then? How much did you shell out?
I wish there was more reviews out there - by users and professionals alike. These iems barely seem to be on the grid.
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