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Thanks guys, I just gotta do some research on the brands/models mentioned and see what happens.
Hi all, I apologize if this post is in the wrong area, I didn't know where to start the thread.   I am interested in buying my 1st turntable and would like to know whether turntables are for me (genres/artists that I listen to) or whether I would not be gaining anything going down that track.   I would also like to know whether the Artists I will soon mention have Vinyls that are of an Audiophile quality out there or whether they were never mastered for that...
 Thanks for the advice, I have reset the EQ to flat, like you said its gonna take time to adapt.
   Oops I had the preamp maxed, the 31 slightly under maxed then 500 was as low as it could go and 4k,8k,16k maxed out... with all the others in between .. looks like a v with a tail V``I dont know I guess I like a lot of bass, very little mid, and a lot of high.  I like the vocals very bright.    (never had distortion or clipping)....I'm guess but not only make the songs sound unnatural but also did damage to my IEM's?  they have has 100's of hrs at those settings
 The TF10x8 in my opinion sounds like TF10 but with far more clarity (excuse my words, I haven't got the hold of the Audiophiles lingo, nor confident in accurately labelling particular sounds/freq etc).I find the highs reach far higher not only that but crystal clear..."Brighter may be the correct term?".I feel that the extra drivers made such an impression that they make the lows (2 original lows) seem.... no where near as good as the highs, from 2,1 drivers to 2,2,2,2...
Hey everyone this is my 1st thread and would like some honest advice. I currently own TF10x8 Custom IEM's  (2xlow, 2xMid, 2xHigh, 2xSuper High) that I had UM upgrade from the stock UE TF10 (2xlow, 1xhigh?  I think)  And I love them to bits. I have read debates over more drivers don't man better sound etc, putting that aside the fact is both are 8drivers, my current ones are 2 drivers for each Low,mid and so on as the JH-16pro has 2xdual low, 1xdual mid, 2x single high.....
New Posts  All Forums: