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Silent one try this on all contacts before paying for repair
 This, and it can be used for actual speakers.
This review is just for fun.   Pictures are taken with the s***y camera on my phone.  My apologies. Both the speakers and headphones are playing simultaneously which gave me the ability to directly compare.  Switching back and forth took less then a second.  As fast as you can put on the headphones and take them off. These comparisons are not noted at ear bleeding volumes.  I'd say a little lower then "mid" volume and a little louder then a "low" volume.  This was to be...
Do you have an AVR or old receiver in the house anywhere?  Maybe your parents have something?
Do you think at that low of a budget I should just save for the Pioneer SC-75?  From what I've read ESS's Sabre 32 is a good chip.  Same chip that's in the Oppo BDP-105 which is highly regarded in other audio forums.
NAD M51 - DIRECT DIGITAL DRIVE DAC & PRE - NEW SEALED $2,673.42 Buy It Now   Good lord, that's more then I have in my entire stereo and headphones setup, including TV.   I suppose I should have specified, my budget limit is ~$300.  Less is better but nothing junk either.   Anymore then that and I'll just start saving for a Pioneer SC AVR with a Sabre 32 chip in it which is $1600 minus what I will sell my Yamaha RX-V667 for.
...that will work in Linux.  Every DAC I come across says Windows and OSX.  Is there drivers that are installed?  Otherwise what is the reasoning behind nobody listing their product will work with Linux?   If this does not exist then I need a DAC that will accept HDMI.   My laptop does not have optical out.
By older receiver I mean...  
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