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Basically im just wondering if m70x is that much more analytical than the m40x
Im looking at these headphones because im looking to get into music production. Im no professional but i do want to know what the difference is since i dont want to eventually have to buy both. So everywhere i look i see m40x is a nuetral headphone and m70x is usually paired with analytical as a description. Can anyone that has both headphones give a solid comparison of how they differ?
It was a comment on 1 of the dozens of forums.. it would be really hard to find.. i just wanted some kind of comfirmation ir denial of any experiemces with this topic...
Looking for something to play competitive video games so i need positional accuracy, probably meaning an accurate soundstage.   I also want a neutral sound, i like to rap for fun, and having a neutral headphone for monitoring also, would be nice. I imagine that neutrality probably doesn't take much from positional accuracy so yeah.   Anything headphone that looks relatively clean.    I was looking at the sound magic hp150s, but I've seen somewhere that the sound...
So hp150s will probably best soundstage accuracy under 200? They looks pretty sleek honestly... and my birthdays less then a week now.. so i still have time to decide
Never said it was more important. But i just wanted to see if there were any that might have been an in between. I didnt know that earcup size was the biggest effect on soundstage on closed headphones
Another sick suggestion... the main thing i dont like about those is the massive headband, it looks really clean though. i also dont want them to be too big, they look about the size of the dt770, and those cups, even though probably optimal for soround, seem just too big
Thanks for the suggestion. Definatly a strong contendor. Though i dont quite enjoy it for all its aesthetics.. ill definatly suggest it at a much cheaper price point
I have xonar essence st if that changes anything
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