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thank you so much... at first i was leaning toward other headphones (m-80 and urbanites) due to the style, but when looking at reviews of the hd25 i was very intrigued. i have them know, they sound clean, have plenty of bass and are light for portable use.Thank you!
Oh yeah ive seen reviews on those headphones, but since the vmodas and reviews seemed at par and people always talk about the build quality. thanks for the heads up, ill consider those too now
Cool, another option. Thanks for the reply
I'm looking for some portable on-ear headphones.   Budget = 150max   My personal choices seem to be between V-Moda M80s and Sennheiser Urbanites   I have no personal preference atm when it comes to sound signatures, I do enjoy the havi b3s which people say are very nuetral but I also enjoy a really tight punchy bass. Also I do not know exactly how it works, but  usually I have been able to grow onto sound signatures. Since at first, I didn't enjoy the havi b3s. but...
oh ... alright haha.. didnt notice.. you dont know of any cheap dac/amp suggestions?
Im just wondering if there are any cheaper suggestions anyone has?
oh and thanks for the reply!
ATM i am using a soundblaster z... im mad at myself for not going 20 dollars more for the one with the amp adjuster :/
Im looking for the cheapest dac/amp combo that will not sacrifice sound. I want to be able to run atleast 250 ohms for my dt770s and be able to adjust lower in order to keep the volume at moderate levels without having to go down to 1 windows volume. Right now im working with a sound card amped @600 ohms so im just looking for a cheap solution, since the cheaper sound card that amps up to 250ohms is 180$... im not on any particular budget but the cheaper the...
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