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oh ... alright haha.. didnt notice.. you dont know of any cheap dac/amp suggestions?
Im just wondering if there are any cheaper suggestions anyone has?
oh and thanks for the reply!
ATM i am using a soundblaster z... im mad at myself for not going 20 dollars more for the one with the amp adjuster :/
Im looking for the cheapest dac/amp combo that will not sacrifice sound. I want to be able to run atleast 250 ohms for my dt770s and be able to adjust lower in order to keep the volume at moderate levels without having to go down to 1 windows volume. Right now im working with a sound card amped @600 ohms so im just looking for a cheap solution, since the cheaper sound card that amps up to 250ohms is 180$... im not on any particular budget but the cheaper the...
I was wondering the difference between these two headphones. I know the DT770M version isolates more noise, but i didn't know if it was just because of the ear pads. I saw in somewhere that the dt770 use the ear pads they do to let in a little more air so that they can have a better quality sound. Overall i am just wondering the differences besides the ear pads and the volume control. Whether i can buy the normal DT770s and change the ear pads to get a similar quality...
NP... i really wanted to know about them too when i first bought from them... now trying to figure out if proaudiostar has a good rep :P
I was wondering if anyone has bought anything from proaudiostar because i saw these d770 for cheaper than ive seen them new... ive really wanted to try these closed headphones please reply if you have any experience with this site, thanx for reading
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