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 1) Yes ! I just add a track with an apostrophe in its filename and tags and it's finally working ! :)2) Yes, also fixed
 You can use rk-tools ( to pack / unpack the img. First you have to build them, then unpack the update to a "classic" image: ./img_unpack update.img update.raw.img Then unpack the image to files using afptools: ./afptools update.raw.img update This will create an update directory containing the rkimage files, system image is located in the Image directory, an you can pack / unpack it as a classic Android system image.
 As I said in the other thread, the DX50 firmware is based on Android ( I believe Rockship provides an Android SDK to create image (rkimage) compatible with their CPU, and iBasso used those sdk images as a base to create the DX50 firmware, but almost every Android libs has been removed, their isn't any APK left, and the player (mango player) was created from scratch. I...
So I can confirm that the DX50 firmware is built on top of Android !   What I've found so far:   - If you turn it off and the press the power button and the volume up button for ten seconds it will go in recovery mode. (and the bootloader seems to be unlocked) - then if you plug it to your pc it is recognized by ADB (Android Bridge Debugger from Android SDK) and you can run adb shell to access it. - It's running a modified version of Android 4.1.1 - it's already...
 Yes I have the same issue, it seems that when you press a song in the the "All music" section, it's added to the current playlist, so if you have nothing playing, the song keep repeating itself. I  couldn't find any way to play all songs :( Also, did you guys see a screen where actions such as "Delete", "Track information" and "Add to now playing" were available ? I saw it yesterday but can't reproduce it now.
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