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I love my W3's with an ALO International / AK100 combo. I bought the W3's for a great price thinking I'd use them with my iPhone - I have the 4R's, and thought I'd never switch to anything else. Then I decided to give the W3's a shot for a week -- now I listen to them more often than anything I own. The ALO International just smooths them out nicely...
Matt,Yes - I experience the issue you describe every once in awhile. The first AK100 I had would display the error about every third time I turned it on.IRiver acknowledged the problem and said they are working on the issue.The new unit I have now has booted up and both 32G cards didn't show up maybe 3 times in the month I've had it. The remedy is to turn the unit off and then back on - the cards should show up and work normally.I've also experienced the issue when...
I use the ALO Internarional with my AK100. Fantastic form factor, and smooth and warm sound from the amp. For me, a perfect match.
I find the 4R's to be musical. DR1350's are what I would consider analytical. I do like the W3's the more I listen to them.
When describing the 3's as fun, what does that mean? I own the W4R's and the W3's - I much prefer the 4's - mostly because they are more musical and accurate to my ears. I could live with the 3's, but the seem more veiled with bass than the 4's - and the soundstage if the 4's seems larger. I want to love the 3's - but the 4's are just right for everything I listen to.
This is a known issue. I experienced it with a new AK100. I sent it in to iRiver. They told me that the issue is on the software change list. Since the unit was new I exchanged for another new one. Same issue.The cards not showing on your Mac is related to the cards not showing up. The issue is remedied by turning the unit off and on again. Re-scanning is not required.The first unit I had would have the issue about every 2nd or 3rd time I flipped it on. With the new unit...
I may go with just 32g cards to see if the issue pops up with my new AK100. I was using a single Sandisk 32G at first, and I can't quite remember if I experience the issue then - or when I moved up to 64G. It's worth a shot.
I experience the same issue with a new AK100 (bought at Halloween). It got to the point where I had to reboot several times a day. I sent the unit back to iriver at their request (with both of my new Sandisk 64g micro cards).They said they couldn't replicate the issue, but said they are aware that on rare instances the issue occurs. (I'm using ver 2.3).I can't believe they didn't experience the issue. The problem happened every morning first try.Long story short - they...
I just ordered the DX50 - looks like I will get a 9th batch unit. Will I get an email telling me when to expect shipment?   I found the FAQ page -- very nicely done.     UPDATE: I didn't see there's a shipment date right on the website - November 20th.
It is about the sound. I have the AK100 and listen with Westone 4R's. The sound is superb. I mostly pair the AK with an ALO Internarional (sound is just fantastic with that combo and 4R's) - but I'd be quite happy with no amp and AK/Westones.
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