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Yes. 4pin xlr female to 3.5 trrs.
Just got my hm-901~~ :D  
Can't wait for my cable~ 
If the XC and x can be switch in between that will be awesome. Take out the cover, it become open then close it back to get a closed effect. LOL
Gosh... which one should i get? the XC look so good but really scare that i might regret after buying it.
Going for the XC!!! the orders begin @ Nov 1st
hmm... feel like modify my ak to mod b
 Here are some personal's opinion. It's really depend on our setting and usage of the device. Of cos when A&K said that it can take up to 14hrs playback, it mean that the device is set in the lowest power in-take as possible. Probably low screen light, no changes of tracks, volume and browsing playlist on the device. Things that will take in more power- SD cards- scanning of library- higher vol - high quality audio format  - equalizer- and more 
 Awesome! look so good and i bet the sound is too
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