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Letting go a LCD X that is bought on feb 2015. Perfectly new condition Whole box + non open stock cables Didn't really use it much (less than 10hrs)
Just picked up one new LCD3F today. And my mind is still thinking should i keep both? 
Please catch those thief... Newly launch headphone come with robbery...lll
Price revised.
wooaudio WA22 and Ragnarok are both awesome choices.
+1 Ragnarok has a lot of power packed in it
I have the eros ref 16wire hybrid too, i guess our problem is the same. hahahaso I got the copper 8wire instead, it does smooth it out and rewire my 16wire to my other headphone. is the one
Just got an upgrade 8wire cable from effect audio! super awesome!!!
 I think moon audio are doing it, try contacting them
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