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 They had Wireworld platinum cables then I listen to it and in the picture. Not my favorite cable.   I guess more impressions on SQ are coming soon as they going to have Sennheiser HE-1 at CanJam in London. 
 Okay thanks Roy! I guess my audio gear (and how it can be effected by the mains power) is more like what you had before with the TotalDac than now with Dave. 
 Interesting, did you drive HEK direct from the Chord Dave?  Can you maybe describe the sonic difference a bit? 
 Roy can you maybe describe the SQ difference/impact between the MC-6 Hemisphere and the Audience power conditioner you had before? 
 What caused the power distribution problem and what did you do to fix it?  
 I agree Dan the M9 is really good if you feed it with pure power and from a good source. The purer the power and the better the source the better the SQ. That you use the M9 with an upgraded MSB Analogue that cost many times the M9 should say something about how much it can scale with other good gear. 
 I think Aqua has a new DAC coming, Formula.  http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/2016/06/next-level-aqua-hifi-formula-la-scala-mkii-w-telefunken/  http://www.aquahifi.com/
 Okay thanks. I have thought more about it and am going to buy a LPS for my router. To have a cheap switching wall wart in the same room as my audio gear can’t be good. I Have an Aesthetix Pandora with NOS tubes. 
 By more plankton I mean more micro details or inner details. Let me explain. Take a 4K TV vs a HDTV vs an old fat TV. They may use different technology: Led, plasma, OLED etc but the main difference (in this type of classification) is the resolution. A 4K TV screen has much more pixels than an HDTV that in turn has much more resolution than an old fat screen TV, which was the norm like 10 years ago. When we have different tech and qualities that may result in more or less...
 Aqua Audio La Scala II use Burr-Brown PCM -1704K.
New Posts  All Forums: