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 So you want to go computer or streamer -> USB -> DDC -> SPDIF -> Blu2 -> SPDIF -> DAVE. All this for a DAC, DAVE, which is said and promoted to be practically immune to the source. 
 Good points, panic is a suitable description lol. 
 Are you sure the creaky noise comes from the parts where screws meets the metal cup holder? The reason I’m asking is that the pads can sound like this. The vegan pads make much more noise than the leather, but the leather is not completely silent. You are correct. Compared to previous models the 2016 LCD3 has more treble energy, a bit faster and more transparent sound with more air. The older ones was darker, more laid back and had a more rolled of treble. The older the...
 You can add external galvanic isolation to an input with galvanic isolation. Many people do so with for example a MicroRendu connected to Dave.
 Doubling ONE parameter doesn’t gain you twice as much performance. The exaptation would be doubling power on tap, if it’s a bit low for driving your headphone properly. If not mistaking Hugo 2 can deliver more power than Hugo.  
 And what’s the answer? Does it has the same driver as the HEK? If it really going to have the low build quality and cheap veneer of the HE560, HEK etc. it would be a shame for the asking price, even if it sounds amazing. 
 I have had 3 Hifiman headphones and no problem.  
 Do you have any inside or experience with the Edition 6 to say anything about the materials and build quality? To me its looks like they can have another type of driver than the HEK. From the picture the driver looks a bit like the driver of the HE6.... The same gold color at least. I also have read that it has a very low sensitivity, in line with the HE6. Don’t quote me on the sensitivity as we have lots of rumors and few facts.  I’m a fan of the HE6 and are looking...
 If you go PC directly to microRendu you will not get the benefits that an NAA is supposed to bring to the table. The benefits of having an NAA is (as I have understand it) that no direct link between a PC and the DAC/DCC make noise pollution generated or picked up by the PC less relevant than directly connected. Noise is never totally irrelevant thou and it’s always better to never get it than try to treat it, if possible.  If the PC et al have exceptionally little noise,...
 The difference in pad size certainly seems minuscule. Some foam at the thick side on the v1 may be almost the same as the v2 pads. The difference in cup thickness looks more noticeable, in your pictures.    
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