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 Nice, how is the HE6 doing fast transients and complex music compered to Utopia, and if you have to choose one HP which one would you keep? 
 “Listen for yourself, try it before you buy it” Yes that I think most people want to do, but is not so easy to do IRL. Many of the companies that make those cables are really small, the lead time is long (hard to get them for evaluation at the same time) and the cables are terminated and made to order with connections to fit your amp and headphone. Not to be negative or anything like that - just saying. 
To get a powerful sound you should not only look at the amount of watt. Watt is one part of the equation only. It's similar to a car engine there a powerful engine has both a good amount of horse power and torque. It’s actually so that it’s the amount of torque that will make a car or lorry powerful and the horsepower that will determines the level of acceleration.    Interesting DAC this HoloAudio Kitsune Tuned Spring DAC. 
I’m glad someone else noticing the negative SQ impact standard switching power supplies for cable modems have. I address this in post #511.   It’s a clear difference in SQ between different manufacture’s digital cables IMO. This goes for USB, HDMI, SPDF, AES and LAN cables. I haven’t tried SATA cables personally, but would be very surprised if it was no difference. 
IMO all LCD3s have the same type of sound. In other words it’s a bigger different between an LCD3 and an LCDX than between any of the LCD3 revisions IME. With that said the biggest different I have observed, between different rev of LCD3 is in the amount of upper mids and treble. More upper mids will often make the sound a bit clearer and dynamic and more treble will sound more open and airy. The “down side” of more upper mids and treble is less of Audeze’s house sound, IE...
I wrote some sonic differences between the non-Fazor, Fazor, and 2016 Fazor in post #11036   http://www.head-fi.org/t/575751/new-audeze-lcd3/11025#post_12533250   The short answer is older, pre fazor LCD3, are creamier, darker and have less treble.   The fazor LCD3 have more treble, clarity but can be a bit hard sounded in some system. Not so pleasing and forgiving of bad/hot recordings as the older ones IMO.
Very much appreciate your replay jelt2359 and Roy!   Am going to discuss your recommendations with the electrical company and see what they can do.   jelt2359 I’m about to order a PS audio P3. Have you compared it to the P5?
Then I brought my apartment last fall it came without earthed ground outlets in the living room. The flat has grounded outlets in the kitchen and bathroom, so no biggi to install it. I’m planning to get an electrical company to install some new earthed ground outlets and wondering if anyone have any experience with audio grade wall outlets. Does audio grade outlets (or other better “normal” outlets) make a (notable) difference if one using good power cables and a power...
In my many years of listening and reading about how to get the best SQ out of an audio system I have over and over heard people say or read that this or that can or can’t make any audio difference. It has been: power cables doesn’t matter or USB cables doesn’t matter or digital audio doesn’t matter because it’s only 1s and 0s and so on, the list is long. Many times those that have stated “it’s impossible” that this or that can’t affect SQ, haven’t even test it For them it...
 Would you say that in your opinion the LCD-i3 is a bit faster and clearer sounding than for example the LCD-3? I’m thinking like this: smaller driver is normally much faster than bigger ones (example: a 6,5’ speaker woofer is faster than a 12’) and no ear coups and ear pads has to have less area for unwanted reflections.  
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