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 Thanks, Roy for your detailed comparisons on various equipment. I don’t have the Dave and have not test against any real top of the line power cords at home. With that said I have 2 LessLoss DFPC Signatures and they are really nice IMO, especially considering what they cost. Louis Motek have focused much on skin-filtering and HF noise in his cables and conditioner. From your description of the Shunyata Sigma Digital I would think that the DFPC Signatures share some...
 Welcome to Head-fi! I agree that some of the extra air and resolution probably originate from the elevated treble at around 10 kHz. I also sense that overall we lost some of the hard to point out strength of the Audeze sound, that’s a bit forgiving, full, rich and creamy sound.  I have now changed pads from the leather to the vegans. Changing the pads may not sound like a deal breaker, but I can assure you it can be. I have tried pad rolling on other headphones with the...
 Amanero do 32/384, M11 with standard configuration don’t. 
 Lol, the LCD 3 have changed many times over the years. I have owned 3 different revision now  If your LCD 3 is from April 22-2016 it’s even newer than my LCD3. I don’t know what date the latest revision started, but my LCD3 from February is different to the one I had before both physically and sound vise. I have not heard your amp, but I would not roll it out because of price and age. I’m guessing that it (smooth tube amp) can have a really good synergy with the new LCD 3...
 Maybe so, but the latest revision have snr 282xxxx and are different to the 271xxxx revision that in turn are different to 261xxxx revision. 
 Lol, I think that overall a little better SQ with every revision, but not everyone agree on that. Some people like the pre-fazor (231, 261)better and think that the fazored ones (271) sound shrill. 
I got the new LCD 3 from February 2016 a couple of weeks ago. The first thing I hard, besides more high treble on the new LCD3 was a completely black background and a cleaner sound. The background of my earlier LCD3’s I have owned have been more black-grey. That was quite intriguing as that indicate lower noise floor and less grain.   I now have more than 200 hours of burn in on the LCD3 and the treble is smoother and the whole sound have opened up considerably. Open up...
 Great thanks for your observations!   IME LCD 3 sounds better with like 200 hours of burn in, so maybe your LCD4 will sound even better and the difference to the LCD 3 will increase with more hours of use!? Regarding your comments on the difference in treble. I got a replacement LCD 3 from 2016 and it seems to have a bit more treble, especially around 10 KHz, than the LCD 3F I had before. 
 I have listen to the Devialet D900 driving a pair of Magico S5 – It was okay, but sound kind of “hifi”. They then switched to use the phone in of the Devialet D900 and hooked up a SOTA Kronos turntable. They didn’t play the same records, nevertheless a totally different and IMO much better sound.  
 Is the demo ex burned in? Otherwise let the LCD 3 play for 200 hours. It will open up the sound and smooth out the harshness of the treble.  IME
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