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 I haven’t had any problem with the rj45 interface between M7 and Offramp 5. My experience is that the Offramp 5 does everything better or much better thru 12S than thru M7’s USB32 or Offramp 5’s S/PDIF.
Great review on Aurender X100L!
 The music and musicality is priority number one for me. With that said I have never experienced that hi-rez have made the treble sibilant or in way make the sound less musical and easy to listen to. I would say that my experience is the opposite that hi-rez it gives a more refined, calm and smoother overall effect with less strident treble.
 The amount of information one can make out as sonic difference is subjective and will as I stated depend on gear, recording quality etc. etc. If you think that 48 kHz is the limit for hearing I will let you think that. Btw the human hearing is not liner, we have much better/accurate hearing in the midrange (evolution), and it’s why we have created instrument/music that mostly plays where.  Yes and no. It’s because they compress the treble and bass much more than the...
Real hi-rez obviously can contain of more information than red book and red book of more information than lousy. This is NOT subjective and can very easy be measured
Okay I have upgraded my PC with JCAT USB Card and JCAT USB Cable and can only say wow. This combination really makes my Master 7 with Offramp 5 + Teddy Pardo preforming in another league than before. The difference is a much clearer sound, way better dynamic, blacker background, a more open soundstage with superior instrument separation and more air. It also have a more natural tonality with a less warm midrange and firmer and superior defined bass. The treble is also...
Both do performance well, but sound fairly different especially then it comes to tonality.  If Hifiman by HE 560 is gaining market share at Audeze expense I’m not so sure at. Hifiman has had some pretty popular cans before as well.
Yes Audeze has their own QC issues like cracked wood rings and failing drivers. I do think even Audeze have listened to “the community”. They have step by step developed a more open sounded phones with a bit more energy in the upper midrange and treble and in some cases even a little dryer sound (LCDX) than before. I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out with a lighter can in less than a year.
Great have you compeer it to any other good aftermarket cables?
Yes I was faster this time
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