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Okay I must have missed that info, Thanx Jerg!
Got my HE-560 today and they sound good out of the box. The sound sig is IMO very similar to the HE-500, but with superior SQ. The quality and cosmetic seems to be lacking, thought. One cable connection is much more angled than the other and the headband lock don’t seems to be very secure.
Exactly my experience!
Very nice review of the Master 9 Dan!   Regarding if it’s warm or neutral I would say pretty neutral. It do has a colorful and smooth presentation. By colorful and smooth I don’t mean adding artificially warmth/coloration or taking away things, more like drag out and present instruments and voices naturally tonality, if it’s there (the very opposite to a flat and gray sound, or as Dan put it dirty). One of the biggest pros too me is that the Master 9 match with many...
Very nice gear Al!
No lol, I said that Master 9 is very good amp and that it match with many different cans, including LCD 3. But as the sound sig of LCD3 is full, a bit creamy, with a bit of pronounced lows and the Master 9 is transparent amp, which will result in that the M9 will sound very much like the dac. My point/warning is if the dac sound sig is overly warm/slow/full it will not match very well with the LCD3 because[A1]  full + full + slow will sound thick and dull IMO. For the...
The Master 9 is a really good amp. IMO the transparency, base, dynamic, resolution, soundstage, treble etc. is very good. I haven’t heard the GS-X mk2, Ragnarok and Auralic Taurus mk2, but think that they probably are equally good.   The nice thing with the 9 is that it match with many different cans/speakers, have a very nice sound if pared with a transparent and dynamic sounding dac, good built quality, it has many ins and outs, lots of power and it has a good...
Thanx! It seems like great combo to me.
Lol I know that the Offramp have its own power supply, I have an Offramp 5. The question is there the power to the USB comes from then using Offramp 5.
Okay, so if I use the Offramp 5 it will take the power from the computer and if using the USB 32 it will take the power from the dac. Is that correct?
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