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 Okay. If I test a combo the first thing I would do is to hear how it sounds like as a combo. For curiosity I would also listen how it sounds like with another DAC.  Have you had the time to hear it with the integrated DAC vs external DAC and did it sound different?
 To use your own music is one thing. To only describe the sound with an external DAC in a combo is another thing. Listening can be made with an external DAC, no problem. But if a reviewer doesn’t mention on one specific part of a combo it’s probably because of something, or it’s how I interpret it. It’s like someone review an integrated amp and only tell you how the power amp section sounds like together with another pre amp. 
The DAC, the source, the amp the tubes are all important for the final sound. The more revealing the headphone the more important they are. Many times the difference between SOTA DACs is more about difference in presentation and tonally, than technically better - but those thing are important too, especially in the long run. For short blind tests not so much.   Jude used a Chord TT instead of the inbuilt DAC in his review. I wonder why    
I didn’t like the AGD ACCS cable much. I preferred to use a good balanced cable between M7 and M9. That was until I brought a DHC ACCS cable. The DHC is very expansive thou. Other cable makers can probably offer a good ACCS cable for less money if you ask around. 
M9, shrill sounding? To me, my position is the opposite. If anything M9 can sound a bit too smooth, especially together with some smooth sounding cans and DACs and I can wish for some more liveliness and treble sparkle. My stock M9 in balance have never run out of power and start to sound underpowered, i.e. shrill and compressed. 
 Its takes much more energy to play lower frequencies than higher frequencies. The difference is big between creating a 20 Hz tone and a 20 Khz tone. A woofer/membrane need to move more mass to play bass than treble. This is something that you can see visually on load speakers. The bass movies in and out while you need a microscope to see a treble dome move.  Each frequency has a given size or length, bass have a wavelength of many meters while the treble have a wavelength...
 Okay, how is the digital data divided between the two BNC S/PDIF? 
Okay with a single BNC S/PDIF it’s possible to transfer 88.2 kHz, 176 kHz, and 352.8 kHz to any DAC. With a dual BNC S/PDIF it’s possible to transfer 176.4 kHz, 352.8 kHz, and 705.6 kHz to the DAVE. But how is the audio signal divided between the two BNC S/PDIF? Left – right, FR or some other way?
 I was not aiming at you. Am okay with initial impressions, naturally. For reviews and more final sound impressions I appreciate those that take their time and not rush it. Others may value a different evaluation method. 
 The fact that you are waiting with your sound impressions until you had time to really burn it in and listen to it speaks high of your understanding and evaluation method. 
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