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AARRGGGHH  I wish I would have come across this earlier.  But seriously, 10 hours from posted to sale pending is crazy.  I am in Portland too and have been thinking of purchasing a pair of these.  I would have paid you to let me listen to them for 20 minutes.  
I love the BA200. I would be interested to know if the BA100 is any good. I went into two different Ross stores in the last two weeks (moved to Portland, I was hoping to find some here since I bought out all of the stores in Phoenix), but no luck.
Yeah, from what I have heard you can't really go wrong with buying the "like new" from Amazon.
 They must have just dropped on Amazon as I checked them this morning and they were still at $292.  Camel x 3 shows them at $290.  I've got my fingers crossed for $150 again.  
  I was watching them too, trying to decide on buying a used pair from someone here or waiting to see if they came down a little more in price.  Then they jumped from $230 to $292.  The (Amazon) used prices also went up from under $200 for "like new" to $224.
 Actually, if I were going to buy any of them, it would be the green ones.  I like to stand out in a crowd.
 Then what am I going to do with all of this spray paint...?
Buy the Green one, spray paint it black, save ~$30.   
As of right now the Amazon app still shows the green Q701 available for $160.
Thanks, I'll look into them.
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