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 I apparently have 140,000 points I will never use.  What a waste.
 You could always check the site classifieds, your fellow Head-Fiers would never do you wrong.     Rumor has it there is a pair of barely used FXZ100's listed there.
Been a while, bump it up.  I am moving soon and need to get rid of some stuff.
   I stand by my previous statement.
Clearly that is a sound driver in the middle of a wooden ear cup on an open back headphone.  The black lines represent sound waves from the driver.  The illustration shows that the wooden cup does not interfere, positively or negatively, with the production of sound from the driver.   Maybe it was easier for me to see what it was supposed to represent as I am equally as awful with graphic design. 
 My pleasure.  We are here to help.  
I don't have any experience personally with these headphones, but a quick search of questions asked on Amazon someone said they are experiencing the same problem.  Multiple people replied that the cable should "snap" into place.  If you aren't getting a "snap" push harder.       Question: I read in an answer that the cables are supposed to be pushed in until they snap, but mine don't snap and come loose. Are they defective? Answer: It'll probably be hard to...
 But the retail price was over $10,000!!!
I'm not familiar with these headphones in particular, but can you open them up and just solder the piece of broken wire directly to the back of the driver (obviously feeding it through the hole where it originally was routed)?  That would solve 1) the lack of slack to make the connection, 2) the need to find another wire, 3) the enamel coating issue.   Just a thought.
 $149.  meh.
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