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 I used some zip ties and hung them on the front of my pedestal fan, cranked that baby up on "high" and left them for an hour.  Dry as can be.   and   Will keep you going for a long time.
Kind of hard to tell what is going on from the pictures, but they look like they might be glued in.  Before you do any more work, are the drivers the same size?  Do the Azios have a built in amp or something?  The pictures on amazon look like they have a volume control.  If they have a built in amp, the replacement drivers will have to be close to the same impedance or higher, or you run the risk of frying the amp.  If you are good with all of that, I would say stick...
 Personally, I would always opt for OFC.  All metals rust (oxidize) when exposed to air (oxygen).  That is why we can find 500 year old canons on ship wrecks on the bottom of the ocean pretty intact, but good luck finding one on land that is that old in the same condition that hasn't been touched for 500 years.   The oxygen-free designation should keep the integrity of your wire better for longer.   I also see a bunch of them on Amazon by searching 1/8" cable with mic.
 Why not?  I own 2 of them, as well as an $80 Radio Shack soldering station.  As long as you keep the tips clean hot is hot.  Plus, due to the low price I paid, when I need to melt some broken plastic thing-a-ma-jig back together, I don't mind grabbing one of those.
 Found an article on listing "11 Skills Your Great-Grandparents Had That You Don't".  This was the last one on their list.  Obviously they don't spend enough time at Pen-Fi...
I assumed everyone owned a $10 soldering iron from Fry's Electronics.  You should buy one if you don't.
Go to RadioShack, buy the resistor and some 1/8" connectors.  Solder it all together and let us know what happens.  You have nothing to lose except an hour of your time and about $5.00 in parts.
I use a Fiio E11 with mine when connected to my phone or my DAP.
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