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 That's pretty much what I said but I didn't include all of the important detail bits.  
But like I said, clicking it takes you to the DT770/32 page, so I don't know what the buyer will really receive.
 Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what happened with the Beyers.  The first listing gave a description for the 880s, but clicking it took you to the 770/32 page (it still does if you click on the "missed deals" tab).  The 770 was listed later, but linked to the 880/250 page.  I saw them both from the app this morning when I posted.  When I got to work I didn't see the latter listing anymore.  The Klipsch was really early this morning.
Amazon has lightning deals today for the Klipsch x5,Beyerdynamic DT770/32 and DT880/250.
  I was having the hardest time deciding between the Q701 or the used K712 in the classifieds.  Your post made it a much easier decision (sorry to the person selling the K712)
You know, I never got a chance to try them. Might have to order some now that you have brought this thread back to mind. I have been using a couple of different headphones but I still really like the TDKs.
$90 before the discount, but you are right, the price could be better.
Just checked to see what was left at my local RadioShack. They had 1 of the digital soldering stations in stock. Marked $90 with 30% off.
I would say if you insist on buying a pair so you can see for yourself just how bad they are, do a lot of research on how to identify fakes and buy some used ones from your local craigslist or ebay.  That way you won't be out too much money,  and you might even break even when you want to immediately get rid of them.  There are plenty of used ones to choose from.
Open to trades.  See bottom of listing for some ideas.
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