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 If you know anyone in the Phoenix area there is a store in Scottsdale (according to this page at least http://www.magnoliaav.com/all-locations ).  I moved out of Phoenix just over a year ago or I would be all about it.
 I thought the same thing when I read that.  I am in Oregon, no sales tax here either.
Well luckily for you someone backed out. It is sitting at 70% as of right now.
Yeah, That one. Thanks. The text box always goes crazy when I try to post a link from my phone.
Just saw on slickdeals that Best Buy has their VMODA M80s on clearance for $80. White or black with free shipping.
    Just wanted to say thanks again for posting this.  These arrived last weekend and I have been enjoying them immensely.  The box was a little rough, and the cable is a little dirty, but the headphones are flawless.
 That's pretty much what I said but I didn't include all of the important detail bits.  
But like I said, clicking it takes you to the DT770/32 page, so I don't know what the buyer will really receive.
 Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what happened with the Beyers.  The first listing gave a description for the 880s, but clicking it took you to the 770/32 page (it still does if you click on the "missed deals" tab).  The 770 was listed later, but linked to the 880/250 page.  I saw them both from the app this morning when I posted.  When I got to work I didn't see the latter listing anymore.  The Klipsch was really early this morning.
Amazon has lightning deals today for the Klipsch x5,Beyerdynamic DT770/32 and DT880/250.
New Posts  All Forums: