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Cheers! I was more thinking of the cable from the chassis to the driver, sorry!
Indeed very nice! Thanks for the time and effort of making pics!   Which cable should I use if I want to replace the thin factory TRS cable? TRS seems to be hard to get by down here (the netherlands).   any help appreciated!
Ikea PC system hack:D
Best thing you can do is download REW. Take measurements. Know which frequencies are problematic.since it's a small room you'll likely end up bass trapping alot.  Like Jaddue pointed out I also recommend you to do the measurements and find out what thickness, height, position etc is best. Also in terms of listening position and speaker position etc.   For more info also have a look here: (Ethans site?)   And here are plenty of DIY...
Yeah figured as much, thanks tho! One fo the guys in the shop thought it might break or crack. But with the small chipping i had to do it was so minor i cant imagine it doing anything serious.   Yup will do, thanks
Re the driver casing: I was lucky enough to simply cut the TRS cable where it teared and un-tangle the strings. Then I simply soldered it to the Chassis and with a bit scraping and fiddling I was able to get the Chassis out far enough to screw it tight, with a bolt ring (dont know the name but these fella's to cover the gaps next to the chassis, as it is wider originally.   Really glad I did not have to completely...
Awesome. I like those braided cables.    How is the structural integrity after the XLR placement? noticed any cracks?
Thanks~!    Would I have been able to use XLR with 250ohms btw? Was just wondering. Those 880's of yours look so lovely!
Thanks! Excellent.    Here's the result:   I will be replacing the jack cable soonish, after I read some more on the subject.  
Hello all!   I have been lurking on these forums for a while and have always been keen to read about mods and new headphone tech. While pondering to buy Hifiman or Audeze as my next 'big' investment when the wallet allows it, there is a project I am keen on doing first.   My DT770 has been laying arround in a cupboard with just one side functioning. When i opened the can with the cable entry I must have pulled the last bit of cheap factory wire to bits.   So I have...
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