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Hey hello,   I was wondering if there are any (professional) modders out here in NL. Looking to have mt dt770's done by someone who knows what he's doing a little better myself ;)   Thanks in advance. (if anyone reads this)
 Europeans might be interested at this price point tho.
**Bought** Hey all,   Anyone looking to sell his/her(who knows!) LCD 2 rev 2's?    Price and shipping negotiable. I am in the The Netherlands, EU. (The Hague for fellow dutchies)
When I look at low freq graph's of the LCD2 rev2 vs Hifiman square wave: The Audeze is by far the flattest. Anyone know how this translates?
Hey guy's.   I am a sound designer and producer. Located in the netherlands. I am looking to buy some good cans for critical listening.    I do a lot of sound design work with low frequencies (bass music and game audio etc).   About the cans: Looking to amp with a entry Schiit. I want to know if the he400 or 500 are as good as the lcd2 rev2 - perhaps better? Looking for people who like/produce bass music (Noisia, Neosignal, Amon Tobin etc) or any critical listening...
Thanks! I am going to buy a modded pair instead. Will be modding a superlux pair first to get used to the process :D
 I am going to mod the HD 662B as a test project - How did you clean the glue they used to attach the TRS cables to the board?
Hey all 2 things on my mind; I want to start modding to get a feel for the planer drivers. So I set out to find a good place to buy a set of T50RP cans as cheap as possible. This seems rather difficult in Europe, as they simply don't import them.  On E-bay these babies are selling for 110$ + right now. You can add VAT and international shipping to that. At that rate I can just as well buy a mod! :D does stock the...
Thats great! I am ordering a pair t50rp cans today keen to start modding away!
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