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I really resonate with the classical music being in decline. However, I think there's an overlap with the big composers bio's and todays jazz musicians. Bach's life for instance was not exactly rock n roll, but it was not glamor either.His works were carried to the grave except for some church commissioned stuff that stuck around. He only became truly appreciated after popular composers kept going back to his innovative work that historically he became the genius he is...
You would enlighten me with some good free jazz tbh. Threads like these can always bring unexpected surprises. Granted I am a head fi n00b, but please don't hold back because of possible negative feedback. Outspoken music calls for outspoken opinions. It reminds me of when I was a teenager working in a shop that sold clothes, gadgets, cd's etc. When I played music we would get both very negative and very positive reactions. When random coworker x was playing his or mostly...
Behringer is decent for the price. Also have a look OEM stuff from china from brands like Lexicon: 60$ incl shipping.
So here's my temp studio desktop setup. (house for sale, waiting to move to build proper studio again there's a mixer, midi controllers, keyboards, lots of mic's acoustic treatment etc).   Intel i7-3770 @ 3.40Ghz, GigaByte z77x-d3h, 16GB Corsair, 250 gb Samsung SSD and silent Fractal case.   Audio rigin pic: RME Babyface, Focal CMS 50's, DT 770's, HD477's, Oxygen25(Audeze LCD 2's + Schiit Magni coming soon!)   The tilted bottom screen is a Dell multi-touchscreen I...
Wow! So sexy. Keep us posted (moar piccas tho! )
I wonder how many head fiers are also producing music. Great rigs guys!
Hey all!   I am looking for a Schiit Magni. I am residing in The Netherlands. The importer here has bad prices and on top asks for shipping. If I but it from Schiit directly it's still 40$ cheaper!) So even though it's such a small price, I rather pick it up here, as I am not really in a hurry. Otherwise I'll just order it from the website.   Depending on how new it is (warranty, receipt etc) I'm happy to pay a reasonable price.    Looking forward to see some offers!
Hey hello,   I was wondering if there are any (professional) modders out here in NL. Looking to have mt dt770's done by someone who knows what he's doing a little better myself ;)   Thanks in advance. (if anyone reads this)
 Europeans might be interested at this price point tho.
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