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Sure, we all know Yo Yo Ma, Glenn Gould, Perlman etc. I am wondering what your fav most underrated soloist is. Please do share!   Here's mine:   Ernst Rijseger, A Dutch chello player. The most expressive chello player I ever heard. There is a video of poor recording  quality (phone cam) where he produces whale like sounds. Incredible range of timbres and textures.    This video is a good recording and shows how expressive his playing is.  
I personally agree with you. I can imagine plenty of reasons to buy budget stuff tho. You can order it right away instead of waiting for a deal, you can be a little more care free when using it. There is a warranty etc. I buy superlux mic's for instance for recording outside, putting em in condoms and in the water etc :D But really, behringer aint that bad. There's plenty of decent stuff from them. I recently heard a shoutout between a 1000$ neumann and a 100$ Behringer....
I've seen a modded DT model with mic, I think it was a 770 or 990 tho.  I've worked with this thing http://europe.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/intercom-broadcast-and-tv/headsets-for-intercom/dt-190.html It's pretty damn good actually. Looks pretty spartan. As far as i know it's a DT150 with mic, but people can correct me there if im not. The soundstage was big for a closed can, stereo placement was pretty good. Good separation and lovely bass. It needs...
They sure look comfy :D
Yes, he''s one of the view well known jazz musicians of holland at this time. I can highly recommend Vrije  geluiden, a tv program where he and other dutch jazz musicians play in a very unique setting, for tv anyway :D https://www.youtube.com/user/Vrijegeluiden?feature=watch   Another dutch female singer, playing with Eric vloeimans, a good dutch trumpet player, also played with Benjamin Herman on some projects.    
HA! Hope the city treated you well! I'm just behind the dunes (close to the queens residence). Caro is doing really great, I like the producer too, nice and edgy/fresh. Let me return it with a winter greeting from a norwegian girl with a pretty voice too (also worked with jega jazzis)t: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmNtuGGyAus
I have never seen them in a commercial studio either, so what? The bigger the studio the bigger the budget. Clients pay premium and then expect premium product. Do they have the entry focusrite generic usb soundcard? Nope. Edit: bad sentence sorry :D My point is, it sounded kinda snobbish saying someone should buy 2nd hand instead of budget gear. You get what you pay for, which is pretty damn good these days. Pre amps and DAC's are so well and mass produced there's no...
So it seems like there's another pro, all be it, entry level, audio brand doing cans. Focals studio headphones have been getting good reviews, and I am keen to see the graphs on both the focal's and the M-audio's. Here's the press release: 
You think the Art amp would have made an audible difference with the line of phones they were demoing? I mean with double blind tests. If so this would be a very strange move indeed.   In any case, look at namm vids. Every other stand has Rokits - hyped entry level prosumer goods. But, most likely the best selling entry level studio monitor, a product line many consumers can relate to. I wonder if those choices are made simple because of the targeted audience.   People...
 Goes to show to the inventors of the CD are rather pragmatic about it all. Most likely needed multiple outputs, looked at the specs, decided there would not be any audible difference with the cans on show and went with it. But hey, what does philips know about hifi ey? :D Granted if a product manager decides to use a product, it does not mean a company wide endorsement of any sort. (Edit: euro canjam? where from if I may ask?)
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