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Thanks alot! Would it be possible to hack the AC input to the back of a 19inch rack and chuck the whole design to the left of the rack (copying NwAvguy design except extending it to 19inch length)? Otherwise I'll just buy the mayflower design with the ac on the back.
Thanks alot guys!Got lot's of investigating to do! Hefty projects ;) I'm guessing the 19inch rack will introduce lot's of 'outside the kit' thinking, something I am not very confident about.   Any recommendations on a crossfeed kit that integrates nicely?   The goal is to get a nice amp for the LCD 2, since I mainly bought them for the bass response. HD800's would drastically decrease the need of a crossfeed, with it's superior imaging tho. But like I said, the LCD's...
anyone paired this with the LCD 2? http://www.headfonia.com/hifimediy-tk2050-amplifier/
Thanks! I was just looking at Gianclone kit's. Do you happen to know of a headphone version kit? What would you say am I sacrificing in terms audio quality when going the 19inch/crossfeed route? I am also just fine with starting out with a gianclone in a little higher enclosure. 
Howdy ho folks. So i am looking for a fun (beginners) kit. I don't have any experience doing this type of stuff, except for soldering the occasional XLR and one time a FET buffer, granted it was just a view steps and well documented. And that's kind of what I am looking for in this project too.   Now I know many people recommend using vintage receivers, so I was wondering if any diy amp-receiver kit´s might be cool. Although it might be harder to make it suitable for...
Noice. Is that printed panel/trap from GIK acoustics? 
Thanks for the contribution!   
Great contributions!! Thanks guys.   Such a small world :D Jos van Immerseel has been my go to guy for anything french, mostly because of his use of the fabulous Erard pianos. The special hammer technique used by Erard and the overtones created by a different crossing of the strings in the piano lends it very well for the romantic french music. Debusy only wrote for Erard piano's and refused to play anything else in concerts. My fav CD by...
Great to see libraries curating this stuff!
Lovely I will be following this thread with extra care.I do have some recordings of Ornette Coleman, but never realised it was the founder of the later movement. Will listen with a different ear!   For now I think I'll just tell how I got into Free jazz. For me it started with regular jazz, listening to cd's from my mom when i was 9 or 10. Stan Gets, some Charles Mingus  etc. When is was in my teens I was a huge fan of Ninja Tunes, a label that was cultivating the hip...
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