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Love this series by Yale: 
Yeah, to bad. Spotify is also pretty horrible. Streaming is still far from ideal :D
Ah cool, a Conductor in the list. I'm in love with the cinematic feel of Schelomo, Rhapsodie Hébraïque another piece by Bloch. Was not able to find symphony recordings on youtube worthy of posting (240p we meet again).  This one with piano and cello is decent tho.  
Not able to find any release date anywhere.    It's aimed at (aspiring)pro's so gearslutz might get some first impressions a bit earlier when they ship.
Wowsers you legend! Now that's a plan.    Dat maakt deze nler erg blij ;) I sometimes do sound design masterclasses on uni and jargon/technical words are simply always in English. De afsnij frequentie for instance simply does not sound right :D In a bi-langual country there might be a tendency to keep making new words for things tho?
Cool to see noisia and Koven being mentioned in the thread. Here's a remix by the german meastro's phace and Misanthrop (AKA neosignal)   And this young lad is absolutely killing it; Joe Ford: And some mental neurosteptrap or something :D
Wonderful! Merci/bedankt ;) (dunno if your wal or flem). Thrilled with the info and help!   I'll chip in by documenting the build. Im right now going through options to stuff in the 19' :D Suggestions more than welcome!   Edit: btw, If I just buy a 2u front panel, could it fit the pcb, without the case and using standoffs to lift the board instead? I have plenty of room in my rack so height is not a big problem. (finding a decent 19" seems pretty hard :D, the one for a...
That would be fantastic! I'm not in a hurry. Feel free to pm me when you have an idea of planning and how much you'd like to get for it. Got recommendations for chinese pcb fabs?
Balanced in would be pretty cool indeed! You dare making a ballpark figure? I could perhaps pick up a 1u defunkt server rack for like a tenner. Then make a front plate via plate express. 
Yes, I gathered this is Audiowoo, thanks for the trolling confirmation. 00940: Yeah, although formfactor might be something I'll worry about later on. Perhaps I'll just start with a more advanced crossfeed in half rack unit and see if I can pull that off first :D
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