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Ha this was 2 years ago :D   I've since passed this baby on to my son, cheers for the help tho!
Sorry old thread, but common misconception that deserves to be addressed. We are talking about reproduction. Not musical content. Have a read through these:
The vulcano is so huge tho!    Is size indicative for power? Anyone has a smaller form factor succes story for vaping grass?
Thanks! Good info. Will be buying something soon and report back.
Hey guys,   Looking for some advice for a n00b when it comes to vaping.    I smoke grass and was wondering if there are any other people using vaping to smoke grass here too. From what I've gathered you have to make it in to an oil(?). I'll try to sort that, but what I'm wondering is what is the best solution for this in terms of hardware?
Excellent, good to hear. Have you messed with the crossfeed at all?
Such a sexy beast.Gotta love those VU meters :D
Wicked! can't wait to hear your opinion on the crossfeed, te main reason I was eyeballing the Phonitor II.
Thanks! On the website ey, sorry should have found that one myself...
Anyone know what the price will be for the mini?
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