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  Yes.  They Sound Great. Maybe look at the M-100's as well? 
I am 80% sure mine is the same or close to it.... Do they even make Fake M-100's?
  The Solo 2's are worth noticing in of itself because it is showing that Beats is actually trying to make a Good product for people other then a Fashion accessory. For Bassheads this is probably one of the Best I have listened to around the $200 range for an On-Ear headphone.  These are quite better then the V-moda XS in the same price range imo
Mines a Year old in a week or 2 and don't have this problem. They have a 2 year warranty so just send them into V-moda 
  I actually don't Like On-ears with cups like those imo. They do look ok though 
  The Solo 2's are so good I am considering Selling my XS :(.   Already have the M-100, XS and Solo 2's and the Solo 2's and XS quite overlap imo and the Solo 2's have the slight advantage in Sound quality. Might just keep it because I love V-moda products like the M-80 , M-100 and the XS.  Whenever they release revolver i should be getting those as well which is more money out of my pocket lol :( .
  Still wouldn't wear them outside :P
  I think Beats Electronics has made a Gem of a Headphone considering the price point and given it's past history and their dominance in the headphone market over $100.  The Beats solo 2 have very good Sound if you like Bass and gets the average consumer a very good sounding headphone along with a fashion piece :)     Now as long as Beats improve on this with their other offering like the Studio's  ( doubt it since V2 just came out) but with the Pro, In ear lineup, and the...
  Either way these headphones are at least respectable and now whoever buys them for the name will at least get a decent pair of headphones :)   I have mostly seen the older Solo HD's and the ones drenched in color which is basically the same but colored in Matt. I think me and my friend who bought his pair with me are the first I have seen the Solo 2's or even the new Studios out in public lol
  I got them in Red since I like red and helps against Aids :)     I like the look of both and from most reviews build quality is much better with the solo 2 compared to the solo hd
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