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I am in NYC and with the M-100 compared to the XS in isolation i already have my music through my note 3 around 75-80% ( probably need to buy an Amp for my phones eventually and been eyeing one for a while) and the XS isolates almost as good as the M-100 in the same conditions which is the Subway ( which are pretty loud). I don't hear people around me talking and faintly hear the trains going by me 
Err What i only commenting on DAC's .... Samsung Exynos  Version of their phones offer a superior DAC then US Versions or HTC phones. 
Unless HTC if offering a DAC along with the snapdragon 801 CPU i doubt it ... The 801 probably has the same as the 800 cpu DAC and while it is adequate for my taste the Wolfson ones found in the G2 and Samsung devices with the Exynos chips are better imo 
The xsThe m -100 pop sounds decent but with the xs pop sounds better IMO.
   What playlist ? It just shows me my home screen for youtube.... I just got my Xs about maybe 4-6 hours ago and listening them since then and from what i can tell the Mids are a bit more up front and Bass is punchier in my opinion ( though lacks the sub bass) 
I just got these today and my first impressions is the vocals are more upfront and while it is lacking in sub bass I think the Mid bass is more err punchy in general then the M-100      When i first got the box i was in shock how light these were compared to the M-100's and how small these are even when you un-fold them 
I don't want them tight.. I usually avoided on ear because they are tight I was just astonished how small they are since these are my first on-air headphones
Just got them in Black and was amazed how small they are compared to the M-100  and these is my first pair of on-ear headphones since i usually find them to tight and these aren't.   Though i have one question i had an issue registering it is that a problem and should I look for an exchange from amazon ?
The shure se215 are probably one of the best isolating IEM's i have ever tried personally 
Yes you can though with the XS shouldn't they be close already ?
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