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You never heard of them ? They are basically the beats of the wireless earphone market . They go behind your neck with this plastic thingy and the earphones are connected to it.To answer the OP I really like the LG tone infinim or HBS -900. The Jaybird bluebud X are also really good but cost more . The LG tone is around $81 on Amazon and the Jaybirds are around $130 last I checked
I have the Jaybirds and the LG Tone infinim (HBS-900) and tbh I prefer the LG ones. The Jaybirds are great but I find the sound slightly better on the LG imo.I've used them for phone calls and I never had an issue with them ever quality wise
  Yes.  They Sound Great. Maybe look at the M-100's as well? 
I am 80% sure mine is the same or close to it.... Do they even make Fake M-100's?
  The Solo 2's are worth noticing in of itself because it is showing that Beats is actually trying to make a Good product for people other then a Fashion accessory. For Bassheads this is probably one of the Best I have listened to around the $200 range for an On-Ear headphone.  These are quite better then the V-moda XS in the same price range imo
Mines a Year old in a week or 2 and don't have this problem. They have a 2 year warranty so just send them into V-moda 
  I actually don't Like On-ears with cups like those imo. They do look ok though 
  The Solo 2's are so good I am considering Selling my XS :(.   Already have the M-100, XS and Solo 2's and the Solo 2's and XS quite overlap imo and the Solo 2's have the slight advantage in Sound quality. Might just keep it because I love V-moda products like the M-80 , M-100 and the XS.  Whenever they release revolver i should be getting those as well which is more money out of my pocket lol :( .
  Still wouldn't wear them outside :P
  I think Beats Electronics has made a Gem of a Headphone considering the price point and given it's past history and their dominance in the headphone market over $100.  The Beats solo 2 have very good Sound if you like Bass and gets the average consumer a very good sounding headphone along with a fashion piece :)     Now as long as Beats improve on this with their other offering like the Studio's  ( doubt it since V2 just came out) but with the Pro, In ear lineup, and the...
New Posts  All Forums: