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There won't be a revision lol.... You'll be waiting for the QC 45 and who knows when they will release those.
I have been using them for my commute to school and sometimes to work ( sometimes my jaybird X2) and don't notice itI got these for free and considering what I paid for them.... I love them. Sound good enough to me to be worth a purchase IMHO. I still prefer my V-Moda m-100 but in terms of the whole package I prefer the QC35 because of comfort which to my hasn't been reached by anybody else.
Honestly I never cared for it before and only going off what I have personally tried.
I really wish Bose and V-Moda would team up and make a headphone together lol. I love my M-100's which is about to be two years old of usage and love them. Sounds great but comfort is lacking even with the pads.... Got the Bose QC35 to try out for a review back in late May and fell in love with them for a few reasons. They sounded decent but the fact it was Bluetooth, Active noise cancellation and one of the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever used made them my...
   I have been using these since May 31st on my commute to school which involves 2  or 3 trains and a bus and I don't hear squat with the exception of some high pitch frequencies and even then the music drowns that out anyways.
  If you have an iPhone like I do than Apt X isn't even an option and for some reason I just don't like any of the Sony headphones ( IEM's is a different story). The ANC I have found to be non existent on any product not named Bose.    I would bet most people would be perfectly fine with just a bass boost.... With hip -hop and pop I like the bass boost and these do a really good job compared to their other products where I didn't like it at all.
   wires you can simple turn the on button off and it will be off. Sounds pretty bad though IMHO.
  I don't notice any wind unless its very bad but under non hurricane winds I don't notice it at all of its not noticeable to me.
 ​I have limited exposure to the UE 6000 but from my experience with the M-100 I find it more similar to that which is a good thing IMHO. This is perhaps the first Bose product I actually enjoy for sound quality vs comfort. the IE2 are great because they are comfortable not because of SQ.
Listening to these the bass is somewhat loose but not loose enough that I would care. Overall I think the QC35 is the best product Bose had made in terms of sound quality but it is based mostly off my opinions of in store units of the other headphone models.
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