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Sorry no I don't. Can only compare it to the m-100
Using my iPhone 7 with these wireless and wired using the adapter I don't notice a noticeable difference that I would complain
They look more like Copper IMHO
On my Macbook Pro yes but not on my iPhone 7.And yet people got their pitchforks ready when he praised the Beats solo 2.
I haven't watched his videos in a while so I can't comment on his "reviews" but for the average consumer who defines sound quality as the amount of bass is then he doesn't do that bad if a job then lol.I have the CFW2 and they sound pretty good and the best Bluetooth headphone I have used so far. Portable is king for me and as such I have moved to bluetooth headphones. I currently have the Jaybird X3, Bose QC35 and the CFW2 and easily the v-moda headphone is the best of...
Meh I would give them a try. I've been listening to the crossfade 2 wireless along with my M-100 and wired version of thr crossfade 2 wireless sounds better.
His reviews aren't horrible.... Just not geared for you. Given the name of the channel the reviews are for the average Joe and considering he is using products other than Beats in terms of headphones I applaud him. Getting v-moda headphones and reviewing them for the average consumer is a positive thing.
I got them for $120 USD and for that price I love them. They got better than the X2 and I will sacrifice music fidelity for wireless earbuds at the right price.
From my experience Apt X is a gimmick. Used the same pair of headphones with devices that supports it and don't and sounds exactly the same
I just got my freedom's after I noticed amazon had them for $125 and as such bought them at bestbuy along with price matching and the insurance on them which saved me $5 bucks on the bestbuy sale price overall ( $20 for the insurance). Overall I think the sound is way better than the X2 if you EQ them with the app. The default EQ makes them sound pretty poor and the bass is lacking IMHO. After EQing these sound the best bluetooth IEM's that I have used so far. As far as...
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