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I found the treble a bit to harsh which is why I returned them on the m50x. Overall I like my solo 2's and now got them I'm wireless since I lost my wired pair . Wireless sounds close enough to the wired version for only $20 dollars more then what I paid for the wired ones ($219 for wireless and $200 wired) so portability wise I love these. I agree the m50 is more detailed but the treble is a deal breaker for me.
The build quality isn't that bad. It's built better than the solo HD.
The beats solo 2 is now only a year old since being released. I had mine since October for free. I also prefer bass.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Eh I had the V-moda XS which is supposedly like the m-80 but better and I prefer the beats solo 2 actually. Yeah its bass heavy but it's not over powering like previous versions of beats headphones and I like the color choices.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I have the Jaybird bluebuds x, and LG TONE INFINIM for reference in terms of Bluetooth earphones and I actually am quite surprised how much better the Jaybird x2 are to the bluebuds x given the fact they look the same. The x2 sounds clearer then the bluebuds x while keeping the bass around the same. The LG tone infinim I find has the best clarity between the three but I find the treble to be a bit to much and bass is lacking compared to thr Jaybirds. Sent from my...
No but between the bluebuds X and LG tone infinim ( HBS -900) I think the bluebuds X are better imo
I'm going to wait till they lower in price to try these out . Amazon probably have them around $100 at some point or near it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Eh I'll wait until the reviews coming in. I am happy with my bluebuds X thoughSent from my iPad using Tapatalk
When you get down to it jaybird is a consumer focused company for the general consumer not for audiophiles so sound quality is second to what they are selling these for. The sound is actually pretty good for Bluetooth though. I highly doubt they changed the speakers in these but I could be wrongSent from my iPad using Tapatalk
It's the same model as the Bluebuds X but with new colors it seems. The specs are the same like Bluetooth version (2.1) , frequency response and etcSent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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