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The cmoy has been sold, thanks for you reactions.    Kind regards,   Niels 
  For sale: New Sennheiser CX400-II in a sealed box. Just got these from sennheiser under warranty, my previous pair of CX400-II and sennheiser kindly provided me with new ones. I really liked them but I am curious to try something else. There is 8 months of warranty left on these, I will provide the recipe to the buyer. Please PM me if you are interested or have any further qeustions.
I've owned both, I'll give you the pro's and cons of both:   Momentum: Better build quality, sound isolation and portabillity   HD 598: Better sound in every way except bass impact IMHO. HD 598 has way better sound stage and sounds clearer to me. Costs a lot less than a momentum also. Comfort is MUCH better than the momentum, this is the reason why I returned the momentums. The ear cups are very small. The HD 598 has very large and soft ear pads.   In short, if you...
I returned my momentums to the seller for a full refund, I really liked them but they were uncomfortable. The ear cup size is very small. I Always considered myself to have pretty small ears but on the right it just wasn't comfortable. The cups are much smaller than expected so please do yourself a favor and try these out before buying them.
 You are probably right, but the matter of fact was that I had money for one pair of headphones and wanted to see the pro's and cons of both these headphones. 
For sale: New JDSLabs CmoyBB Rechargeable 2x9V. As you can see (attached image) I Paid 77,99 USD for it. I have sold the headphones I was planning to use this with (Sennheiser HD 650). So this Amplifier is of no use to me. Please contact me if you are interested or in need of more information. 
I've had the HD-598 for about a month now and I must say that I am really satisfied with these headphones. Extremely comfortable, maybe a tiny bit loose (wen I bent over a book while studying they slip down a tiny bit) but in general very nice headphones, I would recommend these. 
I've owned a pair of HD650's which I sold last week because these aren't really ment to use without an amp. I do own an amp but I've decided I want something easier to drive so I can use them connected to my iPad and things like that without carying around an amp which needs to be charged etc. 
They are definitely for home use only, I have pair of sennheiser IEM's that I use on the go. I like to travel light so I can't be bothered to carry around full size headphones. The headphones won't be for watching movies only, I will also listen to music on it. 
It would be the first pair of headphones i'd return so that should be fine. thanks for the heads up though. 
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