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Thanks all guy for advice , I also have clip zip with the lossless but with the 3.5 to 3.5 mm with my fiio e12 I do not feel it sound better than 128kbs in my iphone 4s with LOD ( maybe my ear have problem haha ) but it's good I will try some lossless in my iphone and my zip again ( just I am so lazy to dowload and put it in my source )
Hi guys,   yeah need more advice too, currently I have 598 for 1 month and very happy with my gear iphone 4s+ fiio E12 + 598 but I want a next step from here and try some difference headphones.What I care is about the detail of the sound , it make me more relaxing when I hear some ballads and instrumental , so if I want another headphones so what is your advice or I will keep 598 and upgrade AMP ? I am very lazy so I just listen for 198kbs music from my app in Iphone 4s...
Hi all,   I am a.. just a newbie in here, at first it is simple to me to buy a good headphone + amp and put it to my iphone and listen to music but now I just want to know more about the sound, so my question is like in the title : the different between Analog and Digital signal?    I saw someone said that they has the coaxial or optical output/input so what is it used for? if you can please give me some example about the full system for me to easy imagine   Some...
Thanks all for your replies, but do you think edifier hcs2330 is best choice for me? I just want to listen to "slow" music like balads pop and instrumental
Hello all,   Like the title I am considering about a new speaker for my LAPTOP because after a long time listen to headphone(s) I want to relax with some fresh air for my ear and breathing :D . I just need a simple advice because I will put it in my bed room (just a small room) So I just read around and some body has told me that I need a sound card for my PC , but you know, my PC is in working room and I do not want to put "mini" speaker here (may be in the future I...
I have HD598 but it to big to bring to company so I am considering for VSD1 , I also hear all of genre and i like a sound a little warm, clear and a little bass, so VSD1 is my choice? still consider with CX300II, E10M and DUNU ARES
598s + e12 = fanstatic , like it so much
bump,   thanks all, I have got my 598s + e12 , really fanstatic 
Hi guys,   Just got my 598s here with e17 do you think this is good combo? and how to do "burn in" with 598s ?
BUMP Just need one more suggestion, do you think the more expensive will give more sound quality. Do i should to take 598+AMP or save more money for 600.650?
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