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Hello everyone!   I'm looking to sell my Schiit Magni/Modi stack. They are in excellent condition. They also come with PYST rca and usb mini cables (a $40 value). It comes in original packaging and I'm asking for &175 shipped. No trades please. Thank you.
Hello everyone!   These are in excellent condition. I have used these with the Schiit M/M stack and they are a delight to my ears. However, I have put them into storage because they were simply not portable enough for me. I have decided that I want to sell them for $275 shipped. They also come with the velvet pouch, 3.5mm cable and 6.3mm cable. They are revision 3.2. No trades please.
Also consider mr speakers mad dogs. They are often brought up in this category as stellar value. You also can't go wrong with the Schiit magni.
You could try entering planar magnetic headphones like the Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs or the Hifiman HE-400. Very quick, clean, sound. I would recommend an amp with either
+1 for m50s. Gotta love dat bass.
The DT770s are a solid choice. They were very comfortable, too. I had to return them, though, because the highs were a bit too fatiguing for me.
+1 for the m50s they look awesome red.
The chain typically goes from Source -> DAC -> Amp -> Headphones.   If you want to use the DAC, you'll need a line out of sorts to bypass the source's internal dac (iphone dac or laptop soundcard). This will either be a line out adapter for the iphone or a usb out with the laptop. If you only have an amp, you'll just use stereo 3.5mm out to the amp.
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