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As far as I could hear both of them sound good with trebly earphones. The differences are subtle and your only concern should be giving those phones enough power. Both of those players have a built-in amplifier and sound great so you shouldnt worry to much ;DD I
Also dont let the reviews of DACS fool you. For example on "What-Hifi the reviewer likes to use big words and exaggerate the differences but really differences between D/A converters are smaller than you might think and if you dont have a transparent enough setup you might have even hard time noticing them. 
In my Opinion you should keep your DAC/AMP perfectly flat as they were meant to be. Then the only thing you will have to worry about will be the sound character of your Headphones and not whether each part of your chain will be synergetic with other parts etc. . Amps by design should have flat frequency responce so its better to buy one which is neutral and most of the time the differences in DACS are so small that you might not even hear its slight warmness/coldness . I...
Anyone knows when is the next shipping date for the crack ? Im scared I wont get my crack before christmas :/
I think the new Marantz CD will be my choice because of the possibility to connect an iphone to it . Maybe one day ill put my hands on a nice turntable but for now it will be my tube amp that will be making sure the music doesnt feel harsh or digital ;> Thanks for the opinions/facts
Ok so I'll probably stick to the CD Players but one more question just out of my curiosity. Many times when i watch on youtube the best/most expensive soundsystems they are using a vinyl. Why is that so ? Pure preference of the owner ,or an actual advantage of TOTL Turntables over TOTL Cd Players ?
Hey ;> When a budget is limitem to around 600 dollars do you think it is better to buy a CD Player or a turntable ? I really do value a musical sound with a hint of warmth, so i keep thinking about the TT , but how much worse technically will be a …Lets Say for example a "pro-ject debut Carbon 2M Red" than a "Marantz CD6005" ? Is the vinyl really not black in the background , sloppy and loose in the bass region etc ?
YES !!! Thanks ;D You think the dx50 might be better then a cheap DAC like Schiit Modi ?
BebopLol i didnt really mean to quote that in the post , things happen when you write on the phone ;D although it was somehow related.True i might keep it as a line out source but i just cant figure out one thing . When you connect the dx50 to a portable amp you just use a normal small cable , but desktop amps have 2 inputs for 2 channels if you know what i mean , the White And red ones , where can i buy a good cable to connect a dx50 to Lets Say a bottlehead crack or...
Ahh after a month of owning the dx50 I just have made my mind up And probably will be selling it… great DAP but is it possible to truly appreciate high fidelity everywhere we go ? I actually caught myself getting 100% lost in the Music when i came Back home.Maybe it is wiser to create a better desktop rig , and buy open headphones … ehh I wish I knew i Would come to such conclusions before spending the money ;D And now I will have to spend money again for the desktop gear...
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