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Wow - I just developed the same crackling problem on my Burson V5 Singles. What's up?
Like new. No trades.   $25.
Denon AH-MM400.
Me too!
JVC FX850. Used a few times, original box & all accessories.   $old. No trades.
I'm almost convinced you d/loaded a 'partner' version by accident. Happened to me on a new build earlier this year. I was in a hurry to get a new Win 10 build going and just clicked on the first link from Google. Major mistake - similar results to yours. That stuff is almost impossible to eradicate. I ended up wiping the partition and re-installing.
I've been gaming with G13 for over 5 years - love it! (I replace mine every 2 years or so when they're on sale @ Amazon).
New Posts  All Forums: