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“Music is one of the highest forms of entertainment that I know".   http://time.com/3531708/sonic-boom-music-theme/
+1! (DSD128).
Just received my PHA-3 and I'm surprisingly impressed with the improved sound signature compared to my previous PHA-2 using my Shure SE846s. Not sure if it's due to the balanced mode, the different cable (Moon Audio Black dragon) or just the PHA-3, but it does provide a major upgrade in SQ imho.   More space, more definition and separation between the instruments. Bass is tighter.   Happy camper so far.
PW MK2 DAC with Bridge. Original box, manuals, remote and power cord. 2nd owner, worked perfectly for the past 18 months in my system (I upgraded to a Directstream). Conservatively rated 8/10 - no major flaws or scratches. Local pickup welcome. $1800 excluding shipping.
D7100 sold! :-)
Excellent condition Sony PHA-2 dac/amp.   Original box and all accessories.   Works perfectly. (I just got a PHA-3).   Price includes shipping CONUS and Paypal fees.   No trades.
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