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I think the Denon D600s is good/great value around the $200 price point  (not worth more). Thanks for a good review.
Yip - no go.
Add a Sony PHA-2! 
I love mine too, but could not get it to work with my Note 3 (rooted). I presume your's is stock?
Shure SE846 AKG K300i IE80 TF10 Monster Turbine Copper pro 
All sold!
Hey Geoff - thought I'd could pipe up here as one of the lucky few to own one of your builds. I recently upgraded from my 007MKiis to the 009s. A big step up in terms of cost, but absolutely worth it imho. Bigger soundstage, more detail and bass yet never sibilant or strident. The only step up I can see from there would be the BHSE +009 combo (which I heard & loved at a recent head-fi meet). When my ship comes in... :-) Bottom line: KGSSHV + 009: highly recommended.
Used for less than 2 hours. (I just prefer my SE846). Like new in box with all accessories.    $800 or best offer. No trades.
BHSE all the way! (If you can find one).
Try the new Black Keys album "Turn Blue". The He-500s are still excellent rocking (even after owning for 6 months)!
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