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  Animals as Leaders - Joy of motion.   (Fantastic on the TH900 + v200).
  Engravings - Forest Swords
I compared the NuWave with the PWD2 - no contest (the Pwd2 is miles better). I even preferred my Cullen modded DL3 (lvl 3) over the Nuwave (for straight redbook (16/44)). Deals on the PWD mkII abound as people are readying for the DirectStream. (e.g. going for as low as $1500 on A'gon - a great deal imho).
  (I bought & love the CD).
KGSSHV (built by HeadinClouds). Maybe BHSE one day. :-)
GLWS (I just did the upgrade -painful but worth it ).
Reserved. (I loved the recent SoCal meet!).
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