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Model YP-G1. 8GB, 4" screen. Very good condition. Box & all original accessories included.   $100 includes shipping CONUS.
Yip - I'm running my HE500 from a Soloist. I find it quite a good match - but it could also be due to the warm(ish) DA160 dac pairing. Certainly enough power (2W).
I have fond memories of that amp - still one of the classics. What could you possibly 'upgrade' to? :-D   GLWS!
Love this - thanks! (CD bought).
Any feedback on here/other sites?
I'm currently running my He500 off an E9k - low gain sounds better (and offers finer control).
^^ +1 for "The Way back". An epic survival movie! I rated it 5 stars (Netflix).
It's a long & winding road - enjoy the ride!   (Much to learn & tons of reading here on headfi will make it an interesting and (mostly) enjoyable journey). ;-)
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