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Not quite your setup but I've had Geek Out V2 and I thought it was very close in sound quality to the Pulse/Pulse Fi. (I don't travel a lot, so I just found the Geek Out form factor 'not optimal' for a desktop setup. It would either hang off a USB port which put a strain on the assembly (I had to return mine twice - not sure if related) or use an interim hub/ extension cable).
Chon - Grow
Chon - Grow.
Mint condition Geek Pulse Fi - this is Geek Pulse with upgraded Femto clocks and active components.   Original box, power supply.   $old or best offer. No trades.
PM sent.
Bridge V2. Brand new unopened. (I went with the Aries instead).   $600 shipped CONUS. No trades.
PM  sent.
I've got a (used) X-fi infinity & (new) Gugnir Multibit coming in next week - I should be able to compare (no DSD on the Schiit though-  it doesn't bother me).  (As an aside - the Schiit Gumby was about 35% more expensive than my 'used' deal on the X-fi Infinity. That's what non-transferable warranties does).
 High Res Network Card for PS Audio PWD and DSD - Bridge V1.   Works perfectly.   $225.
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