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I've got a (used) X-fi infinity & (new) Gugnir Multibit coming in next week - I should be able to compare (no DSD on the Schiit though-  it doesn't bother me).  (As an aside - the Schiit Gumby was about 35% more expensive than my 'used' deal on the X-fi Infinity. That's what non-transferable warranties does).
 High Res Network Card for PS Audio PWD and DSD - Bridge V1.   Works perfectly.   $225.
Looking for a Schiit Gugnir (Regular or Multibit).   Shipping to California.
Is this sold?
I would tend to agree with this. I recently sold my GSX MkII and I find the LC more musical. (The GSX is ultra neutral and has other stellar qualities but I don't think it's worth spending 4x -5x the LC price)
PM sent.
What a classic album!
I have both the H10 and LC. My H10 is on hold while waiting for replacement V5's from Burson so I'll be able to compare later this month. So far my LC with HD800 balanced sounds fantastic but I think I'll keep the H10 with my He-560s. (I don't find the LC thin or bright - I run a Gustard X12/U12 combo full balanced).   To be continued...
Trade my Pulse Fi?
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