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I have 2 PS Audio power ports. 1 unopened, 1 never used, no box.   $35 each.
I have two mint PS Audio AC-5 cables for sale (3ft, 6ft).   1.5m/5ft: $130 1m/3ft: $100    (I'll upload photos for serious buyers).   No trades.
Conservatively rated 8/10 condition - see photos. Original box, accessories.   $550 shipped CONUS. No trades.
PS Audio powerbase. 9/10 condition.   Original box.   No trades.
Brand new ifi DC Purifier.I just got this and the tips does not work for my setup.   Original box, like new.   NOTE!  - This is not the USB purifier, but the DC Adapter version.   Specs here: http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/accessory-dcipurifier/   (I'll return it on Monday to the dealer if no interest).   $100 shipped CONUS (firm).
Jon Hopkins - Immunity
At that price you need to be fast. ;-) Good luck.
Maybe try Burson V4 duals? (I'm running them and loving it - just waiting for my V5 17V replacements).
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