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 +1 -Yes! I discovered Om 2 years ago - one of my all time favs. (Advaitic Songs).
^^This. I generally only ship international to established members with at least 5 or 10 trader feedbacks.   Also: you joined in the past month, no posts. It does not inspire confidence to ship expensive products overseas.   Hint - if you have feedback on other sites (Ebay, Audiogon etc.) put that in your profile.
You can always go with Tidal Premium ($10/month) at 320 kbps.
Strictly speaking the HDMI is I2S ;-) (works great with a regular HDMI cable into a X12). I also own a U12 and love it.    Great deal - GLWS!
One of my favs. Give it a few spins - it will grow on you.
"All orders will leave our warehouse to you by March 18th, 2016 "     I'll stick with my regen for now & maybe try a used Revive in 2017. :-)
+1. My V5s popped - Burson paid for shipping both ways. Received my replacements - happy camper!
Not quite your setup but I've had Geek Out V2 and I thought it was very close in sound quality to the Pulse/Pulse Fi. (I don't travel a lot, so I just found the Geek Out form factor 'not optimal' for a desktop setup. It would either hang off a USB port which put a strain on the assembly (I had to return mine twice - not sure if related) or use an interim hub/ extension cable).
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