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GLWS (I just did the upgrade -painful but worth it ).
Reserved. (I loved the recent SoCal meet!).
Stax 007 mk II. Works perfectly - 9/10 condition. Includes hardcase, original box and headphones. (I just upgraded to 009s! , so these have to go). (Serial nr: SZ3.. )   I'll ship worldwide to head'fi'ers with good feedback.   No trades, Paypal or check.
PM sent.
This is pretty good:
Just in case anyone is looking at a Z87 board - I upgraded my gaming rig to a Gigabyte Sniper 5 a month ago. I found the upgrade was worth it just for the quality of the on-board headphone amp. It sounds excellent with my Shure 1840s!   I have not even looked into swapping op-amps yet - I'm happy enough with the stock setup.   It's not dedicated amp (e.g.V200) good, but for the built-in convenience vs quality I rate it...
I think it's a good-great combo actually. For those who I find the T5p slightly bright (I'm not in that camp), the combination w the TEAC works because I find the TEAC dac slightly rolled off in the treble (i.e. not bright, slightly warm). Listening to Roger Waters - Pros & Cons... on Spotify (320k) - good detail retrieval, balanced bass & smooth highs. Recommended with the usual caveats (i.e. ymmv).
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