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PS Audio powerbase. 9/10 condition.   Original box.   No trades.
Brand new ifi DC Purifier.I just got this and the tips does not work for my setup.   Original box, like new.   NOTE!  - This is not the USB purifier, but the DC Adapter version.   Specs here: http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/accessory-dcipurifier/   (I'll return it on Monday to the dealer if no interest).   $100 shipped CONUS (firm).
Jon Hopkins - Immunity
At that price you need to be fast. ;-) Good luck.
Maybe try Burson V4 duals? (I'm running them and loving it - just waiting for my V5 17V replacements).
I just had exactly the same thing happened to mine (with balanced out). Used to work perfect until today. I'm guessing pot issues?
My 2nd batch of V5 singles developed the same problem as my 1st after 10 days (loud popping noises). Contacted Burson -17V versions are on the way.  Great support again from the guys at Burson! They certainly stand by their products.
 +1 -Yes! I discovered Om 2 years ago - one of my all time favs. (Advaitic Songs).
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