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4 Channel, Fully Balanced βeta 22 w/ Dual Sigma22 (YBM) -Mint condition.   $old! or best offer. No trades.   or
Used less than 10 hours. (Btw - I love these, just too many headphones).   Like new condition - includes all original manuals, accessories and flight case.   No trades. Price includes shipping CONUS.
^^ - second this. My 009 sounds close to perfection on my KGSSHV - definitely no strident highs. (Though I've heard it even better on a BHSE).   (But then, I never found the HD800 to be harsh as well. I love the HD800s with my current B22 (4channel balanced), and I've heard it even better on the GSX MKii).   As usual - YMMV (variables include source, clean power, cabling etc.)
+1 for the upgrade - I paid full price for the kit and found it absolutely worth it.   As mentioned above - be on lookout on the forums for good deals now.   E.g.
Fwiw - I love my D600 straight out of the headphone jack on my Gigabyte Sniper 5 board. Good enough for gaming and casual listening (e.g. Spotify).
Easy answer - let your ears decide.   E.g. Play the same file/album in Itunes, then listen again on Audirvana (free trial). If you can't hear a difference stick with free. :-)
..shiver with antici... [3-second long pause] ...pation. 
  Animals as Leaders - Joy of motion.   (Fantastic on the TH900 + v200).
  Engravings - Forest Swords
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