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I own the Stax SR-009/Woo Audio WES/Wyrd4Sound DAC, JH 16 Pro/JH - 3A/Chord Hugo DAC, and Audeze LCD-XC/Meitner MA-2 DAC/Rogers EHF-200 Amp .  They are all really different sound presentations.  The Stax are unbelievably fast and holographic, but lack slam and low-bass response.  The JH aren't very linear and tend to overwhelm the vocals - but have great slam and good imaging.  The Audeze are really warm and work well with the Rogers tube amp - love the overall...
I just fired up my new Woo Audio WES and Stax SR-009 with a Transparent Reference XL balanced interconnect and Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSDse - and it is just unreal.  I literally had to hold onto my chair today - the soundstage and transparency is literally a completely new experience - not available in a room system that I've ever heard at any price.  I'm using J River Media Center 19 - what are others using?     Also, has anyone please with the Realiser A8 with this type...
Right fs/2.  After that - it's cats and mice.   The behavioral audiograms of two cats were determined in order to establish the upper and lower hearing limits for the cat. The hearing range of the cat for sounds of 70 dB SPL extends from 48 Hz to 85 kHz, giving it one of the broadest hearing ranges among mammals. Analysis suggests that cats evolved extended high-frequency hearing without sacrifice of low-frequency hearing.
Um - what's at 48 kHz or 96 kHz - even my dog couldn't hear that.  Audio for mice?
Thanks Xnor - so what about up sampling, over sampling and the other "fancy" DAC processing tricks that companies advertise - is that all snake oil as well.  Given Moore's Law - did audiophile processing power hit the wall - with NO appreciable improvement with continuing advances in computer processing power?
Gregorio - thank you for this incredibly compelling and helpful discussion.  I'm not a sound engineer nor do I have any technical expertise - with that, two questions:   1.  Why are companies migrating to high resolution audio (see Sony, for example) when the real problem in consumer audio reproduction is the mass sale/distribution of compressed audio.  I own a bunch of CDs - but it is a pain to have to go buy CDs and then rip those into lossless audio files.  The...
Are most people using their computers as a source for audio files - to a DAC -- or are there other options?  I've been purchasing HD Tracks files and using a Colorfly C4 with a SPDIF output to a DAC - any better options and does it really matter if the storage device is outputting a digital stream to a good DAC.  Thanks!!   Adam
Thanks - some of the audiophile USB cables go for $600 or more. The Transparent USB cable is pretty - but sounds like a waste of money. I use audiophile cabling for my interconnects and speakers - and do hear a difference (primarily in reducing the noise floor and overall transparency). Nice to see that I don't need to plunk down big money for a USB cable.
Last (silly) question - does anyone really buy expensive USB cables - seems crazy to me.
But the BHSE a year backlog - which is crazy!
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