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Does anyone know any replacement earpads that would fit on the HD6000's. I am looking for something leather/pleather with a good amount of padding.
 Hey Purple. How would you compare the overall sound quality of the 6000's to the 80's?
Thanks for the advice. I think I will order the pads. Any recommendations for where I could find them online?
Hi I just ordered a pair of the HSR-1000. I am looking to buy an amp (budget around 75) and wanted to know what would be better the E11 or the PA2V2 or something completely different? Also do the HM5 pads make a substantial difference in sound quality or is it more for added comfort?
Is there any differences between the Takstar Pro 80 and Gemini HSR-1000? I've been told they are the same but I have also noticed wide price differences between the two
Can anyone please explain the differences between the pro 80's and the hsr-1000? I have heard they are the same but on Ebay they are listed at different prices.
No I don't use Accudio. I've heard a lot of reviews of ppl liking the hd6000 over the pro 80's I am just worried the HD6000 will be too bass heavy. Is this the case or is it still a balanced headphone?
Where is the best place to buy the Pro 80's? Ive  heard that the Gemini HSR-1000's are the same I just wanted to be sure before I bought them.
I listen to mainly rock bands such as Oasis Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Coldplay with a bit of rap/hiphop and electronic. I want the headphones to be able to play a wide range of music well. I'm not much of a bass head but I would like them to be able to sound lively when listening to rap.
Looking to buy one of the following: HD6000, Pro80 or MDR V6 which is the best overall quality headphone of these three?  Thanks for your suggestions.   Note: Amp will not be used
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