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 i am very tempted to get stage 4, but the price offer by the dealer in sg is marked up so much.. i have to try to find other alternatives before subjecting myself to mark up prices for stage 4 in SG 2.4k sgd at jabens btw for stage 4
Thanks for creating this thread, is there anyone who can recommend me a similar sound signature as the stage 4? I have tried unique melody, jh, compact monitors demos at jaben Singapore impressed me the most actually, keep in view next in line would be rooth iems.
or probably check out TA-01
  at singapore the price of stage 3 and price of shure 846 is rather near..   yes..i am hesitating because of the price mark up in singapore..but they are really awesome for a EDM and bass person
Hi ts, I think u are also from Singapore? I am looking at u are interested in shure 846 means ur taste would be somehow similar to mine..check out compact monitor stage 3/4 U can pm me and go try tgt..I would need more suggestions actually
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