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Hi, Just PMed you. I have got one in Singapore. Leo
Quote: Originally Posted by forbigger bought frm conus Good to hear of your acquisition. Maybe we will get a chance for a listening session with both pairs in the future!
Quote: Originally Posted by forbigger should've phrase it better......looks like i found 95% condition mk2 Well congrats...where from?
"looks like i might found 95% mk2......"...?? What's that?
Quote: Originally Posted by forbigger So you get a mk1? congrats !! its getting quite rare now those mk1. WES? wow.....u sure got a killer rig there. Make sure you pair it with a good source. Once you done with your source, no need to look back anymore Ehhh....kinda went crazy recently and went whole hog with the system. I bought the Chord blu and Dac64 Mk2 as source. Everything is sitting in their boxes waiting for the amp. I have no clue if...
Quote: Originally Posted by forbigger i'm not too worried as i can take delivery @conus too, even that it may take some times. Did you bought yours new or used? What's your amp? btw, congrats Used, I don't think there are any O2 Mk1 available for new now. I would be interested if there were... I am waiting for my Woo Wes to be built.... a few more weeks of hand wringing! Hopefully it will be worth the wait and investment. I noticed there has...
Good Luck on your hunt. I took a while too and being in SEA limits the potential pool of sellers... I am just waiting for my amp to arrive to find out if the fuss about the O2 is justified.
Thanks all who contributed to this thread. Your comments were extremely valuable. Based on general feedback, both the KGBH SE and Woo Wes seemed to be quite close in performance and price, but I finally decided to acquire a Woo Wes primarily because of the much quicker delivery time. With this acquisition I am hoping that there will be no significant weak link in my new stat set-up so that I can just get down to enjoying the music.....
Bought a pair of K1000 from him. Impeccable conduct and integrity, comes highly recommended!
Alex sold me a pair of Stax O2 Mk2 recently. A total professional, goods delivered as described and the packing puts the pros to shame.....another example why I prefer to deal with fellow HeadFi members! Thanks for the trade.
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