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Hi David, here is the link. You will get a taste of how I felt after reading your post....stupendous!
I thought that I will never read the equivalent of Darthnut's legendary review. I am glad to be proven wrong. What he did for depth of review, you matched with width. Thank you for the incredible dedication and generosity!
Thank you. Your post reminded me of the "human face" of this hobby that all too often get losts in the cacophony of opinions, speculations and egos. Your passion is refreshing!
^ Plus ASR's detailed instructions is very helpful. Thank you.
Which is why it is good to provide clear and accurate operating instructions for equipments you supply. If owners choose not to follow your instructions then they are solely liable for any resulting consequences, I believe BHSE owners are mature enough to understand that.I am keen to maximize the performance of my BHSE which is not unusual for owners of equipment of this calibre. Unfortunately I am not conversant with some of the technical terms used here. I have read...
  Fair advice...I wouldn't try unless I am reasonably sure. After reading it again, I think I understand. Now all I need is that insulated probe from Justin before I check out the different tubes in my inventory. Anyone here has any experience with tube rolling for the BHSE and Stax SR 009 combo? Any opinion about what sounds best?
Thanks on the tube positionining. Now to figure out how to adjust the DC Offset.
Unfortunately that sound like greek to me. I saw the instructions on page 95 and still wasnt entirely sure... yes, E&E subject has always been a problem for me.   Is there detailed instructions anywhere or better yet a YouTube video? One other question is that each matched pair of EL34 should be fitted left-front and left-back or left-front and right front? Haven't been able to get a response out of Headamp so any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks! Definitely ordering some of those. With the burgeoning headphone user population I wonder why there isn't more binaural recordings?
If it is anything like the Up Close experience with Ottmar I will have to give it serious thought. Thanks for the tip.
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