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Unfortunately that sound like greek to me. I saw the instructions on page 95 and still wasnt entirely sure... yes, E&E subject has always been a problem for me.   Is there detailed instructions anywhere or better yet a YouTube video? One other question is that each matched pair of EL34 should be fitted left-front and left-back or left-front and right front? Haven't been able to get a response out of Headamp so any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks! Definitely ordering some of those. With the burgeoning headphone user population I wonder why there isn't more binaural recordings?
If it is anything like the Up Close experience with Ottmar I will have to give it serious thought. Thanks for the tip.
Had my BHSE serial no. 45 for 3 days so still forming my impression. But just this: Every Headphone enthusiast owe it to themself to listen to the Up Close Binaural CD by Ottmar Liebert at least once. It freaked me out the first time I heard it in my darkened room. I swear Ottmar himself brushed past my right shoulder on track 9....made my hair stand on ends! If anybody else know of any similar type recordings, I am all ears. With this system, I am hearing things I...
2nd row centre. Black with silver rings checking in! It has been quite a wait...
Hi Budi, Thanks for the review. It was an interesting read. I was considering a music server and this was one on my research list. Your review helped a lot! Bladelius has made some very interesting and beautiful equipments and I am always curious when they release a new product. So what are your plans for the 009? Any idea what will be a better match? Leo
Thanks for the short write up. The Stax 009 is garnering some glowing reviews. Can't wait to hear it myself.
Pure audioporn...!
  Thank you both. That is exactly what me and my wallet needed to know. 
Hi would appreciate any advice from those more technically knowledgeable than me. I am thinking of buying some Mullard xf2 for my upcoming BHSE. Question: Matched quad is difficult to find. So I am curious about the following:   1. Would 2 matched pairs be an acceptable replacement?  2. What is the difference if any for the SQ?  3. Anyone has experience with the RFTs in the BHSE?   Thank you for taking the time to respond.   Rgds, Leo
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