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Depends on who you ask.... I own both headpones and amp. For my 50 year old ears I easily prefer the Stax 009. After more than a year of owing the BHSE + SR009 combination, I am still impressed which is saying something.
Sounds like a crazy over the top take no prisoner design and an estat fanboy's wet dream...... and with a name like want...!!
Not knocking Woo products....they have a huge fan base in Headfi so that speaks for itself. For my taste, I prefer the Stax 009 on the BHSE. I am of the opinion that the review for the WES by AV Guide describes many of BHSE strengths. Wont be surprised if they got the 2 reviews mixed up.... Try to audition both of them and trust your judgement. Ha my 100th post....took quite a while. Gonna fire up the System to celebrate!
I owned the Wes and currently own the BHSE. After reading AV Guide reviews of both amps....I stopped visiting their website. Enuf said...
Arnaud, I think your explanation of the perceived differences between the 007 and 009 explains very convincingly the polarized opinions. Does this mean that those who listens at a louder volume will gravitate towards the 007? It will be interesting to canvass the experience of users.
On either side option. Been doing this with my tube rolling.
^^^ Priceless....and would be totally funny except that it is mostly true...
It was fun and I would definitely do it again. I would love to hear the LCD3 out of the WA22 to see how it can complement the 009s with the BHSE. Another amp that may be interesting for the LCD3 is the HeadAmp GSX.
Hi Tim, thanks for coming over and sharing. I found out that I like the tonality and presentation of orthos and I can see myself owning a pair.....possibly closed variety to complement my 009s. The LCD3 has a well deserved reputation particularly the bass.....very satisfying. Next I will have to do it justice by listening to it on an appropriate amp.I have 2 observations to add to your meet impressions:1. After listening to the 007mk1 and the 009s out of the BHSE the past...
I did....on post #1110. Be warned though that it is a review of mostly the Stax SR-007. It is very informative in an academic kind of way. I made the comparison here to David's review because of similarities in dedication and passion to the headphone community so apparent in both reviews.
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