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My exact sentiments.Justin: If you ever offer the KG T2, please put me on the list...
The Alps pot is an excellent choice. I have no regrets paying the asking price..
If you spend some time to search the related threads you will find some opinions expressed about the strength and weakness of each amplifier and also comparisons between them. The search function is very easy to use.....
Hi Andrew, I would be grateful if you can elaborate on how the Vega improves on the Dac64. I have the Dac Mkll and I am currently considering the Vega as a possible upgrade. I will be feeding the source into the BHSE + SR009. Thanks in advance.Leo
I am in the market for a Dac too...this is on my radar. Please do keep the impressions coming.
I am 51 so there may be some age related high frequency attenuation. Does the BHSE + SR-009 sound bright? Yes but only at levels that I find uncomfortable and which is probably bad for your long term hearing sensitivity. It is almost like a built-in hearing protection...which is an advantage in my book.. In my experience, this slight brightness affects only poorly recorded materials.. With most recordings, the BHSE + SR-009 combo sounds sublime....better in my opinion...
Shuguang 50 years Treasures 6CA7
I PM'ed Cravenz sometime back to tell him I am unable to join on the 7th Sept as I will away for business. Perhaps the next time... Have fun! tiga3mata
Sorry just the BHSE. I owned the Woo Wes previously but with the BHSE....that is all you will need for an electrostatic setup wet dream
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