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Shuguang 50 years Treasures 6CA7
I PM'ed Cravenz sometime back to tell him I am unable to join on the 7th Sept as I will away for business. Perhaps the next time... Have fun! tiga3mata
Sorry just the BHSE. I owned the Woo Wes previously but with the BHSE....that is all you will need for an electrostatic setup wet dream
Depends on who you ask.... I own both headpones and amp. For my 50 year old ears I easily prefer the Stax 009. After more than a year of owing the BHSE + SR009 combination, I am still impressed which is saying something.
Sounds like a crazy over the top take no prisoner design and an estat fanboy's wet dream...... and with a name like want...!!
Not knocking Woo products....they have a huge fan base in Headfi so that speaks for itself. For my taste, I prefer the Stax 009 on the BHSE. I am of the opinion that the review for the WES by AV Guide describes many of BHSE strengths. Wont be surprised if they got the 2 reviews mixed up.... Try to audition both of them and trust your judgement. Ha my 100th post....took quite a while. Gonna fire up the System to celebrate!
I owned the Wes and currently own the BHSE. After reading AV Guide reviews of both amps....I stopped visiting their website. Enuf said...
Arnaud, I think your explanation of the perceived differences between the 007 and 009 explains very convincingly the polarized opinions. Does this mean that those who listens at a louder volume will gravitate towards the 007? It will be interesting to canvass the experience of users.
On either side option. Been doing this with my tube rolling.
^^^ Priceless....and would be totally funny except that it is mostly true...
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