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Hi Rotijon, I am based in Singapore and I am happy for you to come over to my place for a listen.
I have been using the xf4 DD getters from Sittard. That is the one to get, you wont regret it!
Buy from a reputable dealer with good feedback will be your best bet. I agree that amongst the NOS the Tesla and RFTs offer relatively reasonable value. Problem is the multiple variants available in the market.
Let's have this conversation via PM
Not funny! That was exactly what happened to me....paid for my stupidity so I know what I am talking about.
I have both the RFT folded and disk getter and they are both good.Not sure if you have tried the Sittard brown base EL34 XF4s with the DD getters. They are the best I have heard on the BHSE.....
I agree with your logic and attitude.I am sitting here listening to The XX on my BHSE and the 009 at the end of long day; my escape from the daily grind. BHSE's reputation is all true. I have owned it for the past few years and the appreciation for its quality and design has not waned.. Every time I play it in my system I am reminded that it is worth the wait. This is my personal escape to paradise available 24 hours a day.....now how much is that worth to you?The BHSE...
Same here....I am interested in the DIY T2 version by the Stax Mafia....
Same here. Hardly any drop outs after the first minute of engaging the exact mode. But All my music encoded in Flac and played through a SoTM music server.
You are absolutely correct. Spitzer has very generously contributed his time to improve the original design of the T2. I apologize for the omission. And to all the other great amp designers toiling away anonymously....a big thanks!
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