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Had my tf10 reshells for a little over a year and I was taking the left side out of my ear and it cracked. Going to contact them and see how much to fix. An issue that developed over the year is the barrel insert on the mount itself loosened over time probably from attachimg and detaching the cables, anyone has this happened? Really bad luck of the mount for my right piece sunk in. Might be better if I just get new reshells. Thinking about bypassing mounts...
This is now sold and will be shipped tomorrow! Thanks to all who inquired
Selling a Leckerton audio uha-4. I am second owner and purchased here a few months ago. I have original receipt and has the bb627 upgrade which original owner paid premium for. Excellent condition. Selling due to it not getting much use, I haven't really had time for audio lately. Asking $160 shipped, PayPal ok.
Try, sometimes they have open box.
I did like the 580's, fun sounding,  just dont know how long I be able to listen as I am sure lister's fatigue will eventually settle in.
Is the 7000 really warm sounding?  I just returned my Sennheiser HD598, they were a tad too laid back for me.  They sounded really great on vocals and acoustic but not enough bass on some genres.  I also tried the Ultrasone 580 and returned it yesterday.  I liked the sound although the highs were a little to metallic sounding I could tolerate but not sure for how long.  The mids were also recessed but the bass was there, although loose at times, hit when needed.   I...
Just received the 580's a few days ago and I really like them.  I am thinking about upgrading to the Pro 900 if they are anything like the 580's sound signature although I have read that the Pro 900 are really sibilant.  I also have the HD 598 and as great as they sound they are a little too laid back, gonna try the denon 2000 next.
thanks for that info, purchased the 598 from electronics expo with coupon. good deal!
just got the hfi580 from amazon and really looking forward to trying them out. I read that 580 has more bass then 780 so that is why i went with them. Gonna be my first ultrasone, currently using custom tf10 iem but wanted to try some cans.
yes I do have them!  They got it done in about 2 weeks
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