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I heard Zero Audio Tenore are especially good for fermale vocals, how about the new Doppios? Are they better or the same in this regard?
Wow, 30% discount? Where did you find it?
PM sent.
So Shure E5C is better than the newer Shure SE models?
Could you please compare e-Q8 with CK100PRO and ER4 from your inventory? Thanks.
Comply tips are supposed to increase bass, aren't they?
Purchased CK100PRO recently, but it has too much bass for my liking, which makes listening a very tiring experience. Does anyone else have similar problem? Is there any way to tame bass and bring (upper) mids forward? Resistors, tips?
Has anyone compared e-Q8 with Brainwavz B2 / DBA-02, do they share a common sound signature? Do these bring vocals forward, as B2 do?
Having auditioned CK100PRO, I cannot recommend them as an upgrade over B2. They are too bassy and too hot in the upper treble.
Now I'm returning to this thread after trying Etymotic ER4 and ATH-CK100PRO - and surprisingly, B2 has not been dethroned as the "king of vocals" for me.   CK100PRO has been recommended on this forum as an upgrade from B2 with similar signature - well, I couldn't disagree more. It is too bassy compared with B2, and treble peak is much higher, well above vocals/strings region (B2 have a peak in the upper-mids, which I call vocal/strings region). So, vocals don't really...
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