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For sale here is one of the best incarnations of dual TWFK armature driver, and Vsonic flagship of all time. Presumably not manufactured anymore, hence harder to find these days.   Very slim&tiny housing makes it super-comfy to wear. Sound is very revealing and detailed, great for monitoring, with a hint of warmness and non-fatiguing treble. Personally I find it much more musical that Etymotic ER4, which gets a bit too clinical. Check ljoker's review for...
Has it been confirmed if M-100 and other V-moda headphones (cheaper ones)  share the same universal headband? Headband on mine cracked obviously (can feel it inside the padding, some piece has shifted and is pushing against the head when wearing them, making it really uncomfortable). Maybe I can replace it with headband of a cheaper model, they look pretty similar on photos. Don't mention warranty, as mine were traded and custom-upgraded (which probably nullifies...
Thanks! Actually I'm using it as headphone amp. I don't use speakers, at all. I've heard that lamps in A1 are only working for headphone-out, and for speakers they probably are not utilised. Not 100% sure though.
Sony's also sold.
Legendary wooden DAP, pushed to the very edge of its limits.   Stock version is famous for its airy, clear sound with one of the widest soundstages you can get from portable all-in-one solution. However, its weak side lies in bass - in just doesn't have enough depth and body. Common solution is replacing stock output capacitors. But with this one, upgraded caps are just tip of the iceberg. Amp section is reworked "from ground", now its heart is composite amp based on...
 I also think the earphone might be just balanced re400, only painted black, since the shell of both re400 and re600 is practically the same.But we need confirmation of course if that is true or not.
I'd like to know that too, and whether they will be available for purchase separately.
Is the new bundled earphone going to be available separately from Supermini?
Very good condition.   Sound is warm and musical, with tight bass, creamy mids and non-fariguing highs. For true lovers of multibit sound! More details in Headfonia review and this thread.   This one is just like Tento in hardware, only without branding.   Connectivity: - Optical - Coaxial - USB (can work from Smartphone supporting audio-over-USB) - Bluetooth   Holds charge 6-7 hours.   Comes with miniUSB-USB cable and soft pouch.   Shipping worldwide...
New Posts  All Forums: