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Did anyone have to replace their lamps for TubeMagic A1? Specifically the premium "Raytheon" version.   Also, are there any non-lamp based amp's at this price range with strong bass, like A1 ?   I love the bass of this amp, but a little worried about its life expectancy. Using it for games / movies mainly, and it feels almost like subwoofer (never had one).
Still available for trade!
Grab it while you can!
Game Zero are foldable.Game Zero have leather (pleather?) ear pads and forehead pad, 373D - velour.Cable - removable for Game Zero, not so for 373D. Judging from spec differences (SPL - Game Zero 108 dB, 373D 116 dB), different dynamics could be used.But we need confirmation. Guys, stop trying to convince sneak310.If he does not believe in HRTF - well, all the better for us when we meet him on the battlefield.You cannot wake someone who is just pretending to be asleep.
 By "7.1 HP audio", do you mean REAL 7.1 headphones with 8 dedicated speakers inside, or just "emulated surround sound" for normal stereo-headphones, like Dolby Headphone, CMSS-3D, etc. ? sneak310, people (at least most of us) have only 2 ears, no matter how many speakers you got in your multi-channel system.So - in theory - it is possible to calculate how sound travels from many speakers to your ears, and then emulate it with only 2 speakers - directly at your ears.The...
It really depends. As for me, I'm using CMSS-3D (Creative Gamer X-Fi sound card) for all games and find it better than normal stereo.Take Overwatch, I specifically tested "native" sound (actually it uses Dolby Atmos HRTF), and CMSS-3D offered better positioning.Although I'm not that much of a competitive gamer. It is highly individual. Some people prefer "native" stereo sound, some prefer Creative solutions, others go for Dolby.Ceratin headphones and DAC/amp's probably...
My guess is because the price of such HP would skyrocket, and gamers are (at least considered to be) very sensitive to pricing.Besides, in-game sound would probably not benefit much from over-the-top quality HP's, since in-game audio is normally stored in lower quality than your hi-res FLAC / ALAC / DSD, etc.With games, you normally look for precise positioning (if we're talking competitive), or wide soundstage & badass bass (if we're talking immersive), not...
MDR Z7 and SZ2000 now sold!
Made a hard decision to quit audiophile stuff, so lots of my HP gear is out for sale. Check the list below and drop me a PM if interested. I ship worldwide! Standard shipping rate is ~$20-40, depends upon item size & weight.   Unfortunately, due to PayPal policies, receiving money through PayPal is not allowed for residents of my country, so we will have to figure out another way. I also welcome trade offers.   Currently interested in a budget stationary amplifier or...
Seriously, $1 mn for e-Q5? If yes, I'm in!
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