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I don't know much about this stuff, but aren't there aftermarket batteries for many portable devices with higher capacity compared to stock batteries while being the same in size?
I thought battery size is the same in all 3 versions (standard E12, DIY and E12A), only with different capacity.Has anyone opened E12A and checked actual size of the battery?
Has anyone considered changing battery in their E12 DIY? Is it possible to use the higher capacity one used in E12A, or similar?
$143 shipped worldwide.
Are you saying E12A sounds better that E12 DIY equipped with Muses?
Any comparison against Fiio E12 DIY ?   It seems like the newer Fiio E12A is aimed to compete directly against Cayin C5.
Thomas, do you think it is ok to use Cayin when it is in a pouch or inside a custom made leather sleeve?
With Black Friday not so far ahead, do you guys think we can expect some nice deals on Cayin C5 from SZA or other dealers?
With Fiio releasing an updated E12A for IEM's, do you guys expect it to bring some competition against C5 ?
Hi, I'm ready to buy the IEM's for the price listed + shipping to Ukraine by AUS Post Shipping Registered (No tracking, not insured).
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