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Final Audio Heaven VI is really something, but I'm worried about cables. It doesn't look very sturdy. Do you guys have any problems with this type of cable? Is it possible to recable Final Audio Heaven iems?
Several head-fiers noted these TTPODs are truly a basshead's choice... I'm not really that much into bass, as even CK100Pro are already too bassy for me.Maybe CKR9 would be too bassy as well. I find TWFK-models (non-hybrid, like Brainwavz B2) bassy enough for my taste, with quite enough punch from a decent source.
Not really, that mini-review just says that V and VI are warmer than IV and IV lags behind its bigger brothers.I was hoping for a more detailed comparison between V and VI, like which of them is brighter/darker, is more forward/laid-back, etc/
What about FAD Heaven V? Looks like my candidate #1 for the moment, since I liked FAD Heaven VI very much. Not sure how it would compare against FXT90 and KC06 though.
How is Heaven V compared to Heaven VI ? Any audio-terms to describe its signature? The V seems to get the lowest number of reviews here among all 'Heaven'-family.
I've read Ostry KC06 sounds like a budget version of CKR9, would you recommend giving it a try to get the idea of Audio-Technika signature?Would it have "in-the-face" and other traits I've mentioned I'm after?
What kind of T90 are you talking about? Beyerdynamic T90?
Actually I was leaning towards Doppio, they're getting some nice reviews here as super-detailed and bright.
Thanks! Seems like an interesting iem to try out.You make my wallet cry, though.Besides, I've got narrow ear channels, not sure if they would fit.I'd prefer something with tube-like design, like Ortofon or Final Audio.
Thanks for your input, yes I mean all Zero Audio line, not just Tenore.Maybe Fostex 05 as well. Any other alternatives priced under $150 (used or new) are welcome.
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