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Can you recommend me one in particular? I have heard some people talking about the synthetics and saying that they made their ears sweat or something compared to the real leather ones and felt cheap in general, also didn't isolate as much. I don't want to buy something to be disapointed with it.
This really sucks. So there's no way to get genuine leather pads anymore? please help
I asked them where to find genuine leather earpads and they said that item is out of their portfolio. Am I really stuck with crappy synthetic earpads or velour pads? man.
 I never use my monitors due really bad room acoustics so im limited to headphones. I hate background noise even the smallest ones so I need closed headphones. About the sonarworks thing, that sounds really interesting, almost too good to be true... does it really work?In "currently supported headphones" I see that the DT770 600ohm version is not supported tho...
Thanks, I realized mine is actually the 600 ohm version. Why did Beyer stop making Manufaktur for the DT770? It was nice to be able to make a custom design, also it seems I cant find 600 ohm version for this headphone anymore.
Are you sure? when I made the manufaktur back in the day it said "genuine leather"
I have used the DT770 600ohmversion with leather pads for years. I love the sound and the sound isolation is good (I hate hearing background noise). I make electronic music and got recent results. Im just asking if it's worth investing in any other phones that are closed in 2016. I haven't looked at the market in 10+ years so I have no idea what's going on at the moment. Also please move this thread to whatever section it belongs, i posted in in the high end section by...
I have a custom DT770 the 250 ohm one, with the custom leather pads that used to come with the manufaktur one (apparently they don't do manufaktur anymore for DT770)   Anyway, I want to know where to buy good replacements of the pads... both are gone. Also both membranes got destroyed. Do the pads include the membrane thing in the middle too? im talking about this:   Where could I order quality replacements? ideally the official real leather ones that beyer used to...
Actually found this: http://www.amazon.com/Beyerdynamic-EDT770S-Headphone-Pads-Black/dp/B008XHU9ZS Are these the same leather ones that come with Manufaktur? as far as I know the ones i've got real leather and not synthetic.
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