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Actually found this: Are these the same leather ones that come with Manufaktur? as far as I know the ones i've got real leather and not synthetic.
Yeah that sounds pretty horrible. At least I don't see anything organic, it's just the membrane that's dissapeared. Well there's all kinds of hair and scalp **** on there that I just can't be bothered to clean, I want to buy them brand new, but I cant find the leather ones for some reason?
Thanks, yeah i've gotten the phones for a while now, maybe...6 years? I lost count. In any case, can I get replacements? I need them, ideally the same ones (leather, manufaktur ones).
I haven't given much use to my beloved DT770 Manufaktur lately, since I got the Yuin PK3 which are lovely and sound great, since I didnt do anything that needed sound-proof and superior sound I stuck with the PK3 for general use.   Anyways, so I attempt to use the DT770 again the other day and I noticed one of the earpads is seriously damaged, as if some sort of bacteria, bug or god knows what ate the membrane, so I see the black circle that is under the membrane and the...
If you missed on Bitcoin and want to make some extra money, make a small inversion in DOGE, just in case im right, only money you can afford to lose, and come back a couple of months. You can also mine it, you are still not late enough. In case you have no idea what im talking about:
You dont get it. You cant monitor low frequencies when you aren't hearing any.
Ok I pressed enough to make them go deeper on my ear and I got the proper frequencies and a bass going but... this thing is extremely uncomfortable. I don't know if im doing something wrong or what but it's impossible for me to properly fit them.. I think im too used to headphones. If anyone wants brand new MK2's contact me via pm..
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