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Forgot to also mention ;   If anybody who wants a Silver, Alps RK50, 230V BHSE and hasn't placed a deposit yet, they can take over my complete order and send me the deposit. 
I have a deposit on a BHSE configured as: Silver, Alps RK50, 230V which is in batch 4.   Justin sent me a final payment on 19/05/16 as my BHSE was ready to go on the burn in rack.     However I sent Justin an email on 23/05/16 asking if payment could be delayed or if deposit could be transferred to end of batch 5.   I haven't heard from Justin to date.    If anybody would like to take my BHSE please let me and Justin know and possibly you could be the owner of a BHSE...
Yes also been using a KGST after the 009 repair and currently no issues with well over 300 hours of use with both of them. 
Stax 006T, Woo Wee and KGST.  
Mine started the imbalance problem after about 3 months from buying them from PriceJapan.     Since they have been repaired I haven't had any problems at all.  In fact they sound far far better than when I first had them before the repair.  They get better and better with burn in.   
Thank you paulchiu.   Much appreciated.
Thank you lojay.   Much appreciated. 
Hi All you lucky and fortunate DAVE Owners.   Hope all of you are enjoying this amazing DAC from a great British company.    Have any of you lucky people heard the DAVE with say a HD800 or HiFiMan HE100 vs the DAVE connected to the BHSE and Stax 009's ?.       If you have, would sincerely appreciate if you could share your thoughts.  
The LCD2's great balanced out from the Duet.  Much better than single ended out.   So do the HD800's and the HD650's sound great along with my Westone IEM's.      For its size, battery life and cost the Duet is hard to beat.  Connect it balanced to its sister DAC and you have a great on the go or desktop rig.   Only downside I have with it is the weight especially when travelling short journeys on the plane and you only have 10kg hand luggage limit.   The amount of times I...
Fantastico Rob.   Hope the digital amp will be in the Choral range to match with the Dave !.
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