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Yes Focal bought Naim a few years back...why I will never know.   I believe one of Naim's tasks when Focal bought them was to make a reference system to power the Grand Utopia speakers.   They did this very well with producing a 300,000 pound sterling very hi-end hifi system.  Naim is a British brand that has been around for many years and has manufactured some excellent products including hi-end hifi equipment.  The Naim and Linn linked hifi system was a kind of household...
Just craziness from Focal.   They should take the time to test their top flight headphones with as many high quality sounding amps (SS and tube) and DACs and see which gives the best sound / synergy.   Then have a selection of this equipment at their stands around the world. 
Yep...it sure did sound like that.  :-) 
I heard the Focal Utopia headphone at Canjam London this year at Focal's stand and another stand (can't remember the name of the stand).   It certainly didn't sound amazing enough to warrant the high cost on both stands and be deemed as a top flight top of the range headphone.     What amazed me the most is Focal connecting their topflight headphone to a mediocre Naim headphone amp (Focal own Naim) and mediocre source.   They should have connected to a far better...
PM sent.
Thank you icebear.   Much appreciated.
Forgot to ask..... No problems then with the difference to US and European frequencies i.e. US 60Hz, Europe 50Hz ! 
Thank you icebear.   Much appreciated.
Thank you Rossliew.   Much appreciated.
Has anybody changed their BHSE from 115V to 230V / 240V power supply ?   If so, how much did it cost ?    Or has anybody bought a 110V to 240V transformer for their BHSE and it has worked ok ?.    
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