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++A  Fantastico   Looks very Christmassy.     Tubes are just great !   
Awesome looking amp A+ 
+A  Yes 100% with you Badas  My WA22 with the upgraded tubes sounds very good with my HD650's and HD800's.     Not so good with the LCD2's though as the LCD2's are just too dark headphone for my liking.  Also not as clear or detailed as my Woo Wee and Stax 009's with Wee connected to my Chord Cyan Click Integrated amp.  But in this game your always thinking how good the next model is until you end up considering the companies top of the line amp.   So if I buy the WA5 Im...
Me too.       Trawling through the internet the WA5 has great reviews.  Haven't come across a bad one yet.  
Thank you TonyNewman for replying to my post. A great post with a lot of very useful information.  Much appreciated. 
Hi TonyNewman, How is the Aurilic Taurus Mk2 vs the WA5 and WA6 with HD800 and HD600 (as notice you have these amps) ?  
Haven't tried Powers or Paddy but heard they are also great Irish Whiskies ! 
Thank you DG for your post.   Much appreciated. 
Ooo yes please :-))  I think I will take you up on a visit to you in the New Year magiccabbage.  
p.s.  My favourite whiskies are Irish Whisky's i.e. Jameson, Bushmills and Redbreast !  ;-)  
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