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Using RCA to BNC convertors is not a good idea.  Chord Electronics state this in their Blu Mk1 Manual and their older QBD76 DAC Manuals (solid BNC connection terminations only) so I assume the Blu MKII and DAVE will be no different. As both the Blu and DAVE are very high audio precision pieces of electronic equipment that have been built to provide maximum audio listening quality (with huge upsampling) I personally wouldn't take nothing to chance with interconnecting...
I own the original MKI Blu CD Transporter and QBD76 DAC (have this set-up both on my BHSE / Stax 009 and my Speaker System) and the sound is great most of the time and quite amazing other times with well recorded and produced CD's.   I was contemplating possibly changing my Headphone front-end / source set-up to a Lampizator GG or Totaldac Six but now I have seen Chord are bringing out the Blu MkII and reading peoples comments who have heard it with the DAVE like your good...
Anybody listened to the Blu MkII with the DAVE at Bristol HiFi Show in UK at the weekend ? 
Hi deuter,Which DAC are you considering pairing with the BHSE ? 
Would love to know how much better sounding the Lampizator Golden Gate is against the its cheaper brother especially connected to a Headamp BHSE.  Also a comparison of the new Lampizator Golden Atlantic against its Big 7 cousin connected to the Headamp BHSE would also be good. Also are the Balanced versions of Lampizator DAC's better than their Single ended cousins ? 
Yes, same for me with my other silver aluminium hifi components.   The purple colour also looks amazing in the photos although like the blue colour have never seen them in the flesh. 
Thank you astrostar59 for your reply.  Much appreciated. Yes need to do some demo's for curiosity of nothing else.  
Hi astrostar59,Thank you for your reply.   Much appreciated. Yes looking at the Lampizator Big 7 SE or GG.   Would love to hear a tube DAC to hear the difference with my current Chord Blu CD Transporter and Chord QBD76 DAC.   Been reading a lot of reviews on various hifi websites (including whatsbestforum) of a number of hi-end DAC's i.e. TotalDac, Lampizator and Nagra HD.  They all seem to be very good companies and products with very good reviews from quite a lot of...
Thank you Crashem.   Certainly food for thought.   I would be balanced all the way through too as I am a big fan of balanced hifi systems vs SE.
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