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+1  That's one of the reasons professional recording studio gear has balanced XLR inputs and outputs for amps, pre-amps, DAC's, CD Players etc. as some of the cable run lengths are huge compared to domestic HiFi set ups ! The overall sound from a fully balanced HiFi system is also far superior than single RCA !   I have both types for headphone and speaker systems and can tell the difference by quire a margin when using top end gear.   The lower end gear isn't as big a...
+ 1   NIce one icebear  Stay cool dudes !  
pm sent.  
Thank you HiFiGuy528.   Much appreciated.  Best Regards,BJ
Awesome…..Congratulations Point489VAC…..  fantastic colour choice How long did you have to wait ? What does it sound like to you ?
Hi All, Thought I would ressurect this thread regarding a question on the Woo Wee ! In the online Wee manual it shows the the "+" terminals both for the connection to the speaker amp and to the speakers in the middle and the "-" terminals on the end. On the Wee itself it shows the red terminals on the end and the black terminals in the middle. Which one is correct as my integrated speaker amp (Chord Electronics Cyan Click) has red for "+" or right channel and black...
This should go sub-sonic fast  !  As a matter of interest why are you selling one of the best electrostatic headphone set-ups (BHSE & 009's) on the planet ?   
Link for BHSE - Interest check only advert;
Similar to what I am doing songmic….. buying a GS-X Mk2 for dynamic and planar headphones (HD800 & LCD's) and the BHSE for the Stax 009 !   Best of all worlds then… especially when connected to an amazing front end (Chord Electronics Blu CD Transporter & QBD76 DAC) all balanced connections throughout ;-)  
You can buy a BHSE now in silver as there is one for sale in Head-Fi at the moment - or at least he is looking for the interest - maybe teasing people….. :-)   ! 
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