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The LCD2's great balanced out from the Duet.  Much better than single ended out.   So do the HD800's and the HD650's sound great along with my Westone IEM's.      For its size, battery life and cost the Duet is hard to beat.  Connect it balanced to its sister DAC and you have a great on the go or desktop rig.   Only downside I have with it is the weight especially when travelling short journeys on the plane and you only have 10kg hand luggage limit.   The amount of times I...
Fantastico Rob.   Hope the digital amp will be in the Choral range to match with the Dave !.
Thank you Rob.  Much appreciated.
 Thats great news Rob (especially as I have two Blu's linked to two QBD76's). Any idea of when this will be available for the Blu and estimated cost  ?  
Hi lovethatsound, Yes you were reading my mind regarding using the dual data from the Blu.   I have been buying some Original MFSL Ultradisc Master Recording Gold CD's which has made a big step up in quality with Blu connected to the QBD76.....so I am imaging with the DAVE it will be amazing.  I also found a jump in sound quality changing the power cables and interconnects.  I now use Digital XLR's made by Clearer Audio  (UK company that hand makes fantastic quality power...
Hi lovethatsound,Does the Dave improve the sound from the Blu over a QBD76 ? 
Would have been great to hear DAVE linked to the BHSE and 009's...... would possibly be the best headphone set up on the planet !  
HiFiWigwam and PinkFish Media are two UK HiFi websites that have a private classified section.   Or if you want a possible quicker sale....ebay UK (although you have to swallow the 10% ebay charge ! ).
Massive Stand...... Ha Ha Ha. This is a massive Chord Electronics stand ;    
I think Justin may have a couple of BHSE's left in his batch 4 (as some people have cancelled their orders within this batch) which I understand is near enough fully completed and has already sent some shipments out last few weeks.   So if you place a deposit now you might be lucky in receiving in April / May 2016. 
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