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Sell it and buy a better amp ie. a SRM 007t or SRM 727 as the SRM 252S isn't up to driving the 007's to their potential.If the 7 series is too expensive for you at the moment go for a SRM 006t or at the least a SRM 323S. This is if you want to buy new of course.  If second hand is ok for you look out for a second hand SRM 717 or 007t or 006t ! 
 Yes georgep I think my 009's were faulty from the Stax factory.   I can't see how they could have been damaged either by an amp or mishandling as I was very careful using and handling them and plugging them in and out of amplifiers (with volume knob set to zero volume and no music playing).  Yes it was just a piece of sticky sellotape that sealed the plastic bag.  The bag though was very carefully wrapped to the box ! 
Hope PriceJapan will tell me what the fault is and resolve it.   Hope to find out in next few weeks as posted my 009's back to them today.  First problems happened in first few weeks with crackiling sound coming from RHS ear speaker. (see my past postings).    Complete loss of sound to RHS was approx. 7 months after first use. A sealed plastic bag encased the wooden headphone case / box. 
My 009's are now on their way back to PriceJapan today tracked and insured via ParcelForce.   It has cost me over £68 though    due to them being over 2kg.     Now awaiting a pair of SR 507's also ordered from PriceJapan on Sunday to be delivered to pacify me whilst I eagerly await return of my fixed 009's ! .   
Mine were plastic bag sealed.   Started having problems after the few weeks with a crackling sound from the RHS ear speaker (see my earlier threads).    Then it went away and had no further issues until the RHS went completely dead.   PJ's communication with purchasing the 009's and returning them has been very good.  Just hoping and praying their after sales service is also very good.   
PM sent.
Hi Negura, How are you and your family ?   Hope all is well.  Was great to meet you and your wife at the Cambridge meet.     Thank you for the information.  Much appreciated.       Yes, its a bit nerve racking to think such an expensive top of the range headphone appears to be very temperamental and kind of fragile.    I always feel I have to handle them with utmost precision and care therefore not being able to completely relax with using them in case I break or...
Knowing her name would be great…..but the question's we should all be asking is….Will she be at London CanJam ?…..Then second question is…is she single ????  ;-)    If the answer is yes to both…. Then its dinner at the Ritz followed by a night at the Theatre :-) 
++A    Definetely  
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