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 +1  To test all the tube ports and the outputs from the headphone ports / jacks and compare with what you should get (from the design values) will verify if the Stax headphones are receiving the correct voltage and current.   
+1 Yes only for true balanced (differential) circuit topology which is I am assuming the BHSE and GS-X Mk2 have ! 
+1  Exactly…… Thank you Point489VAC for adding additional excellent information and reinforcement to my posts regarding the superiority of balanced to non balanced 
Hi TheAttorney, Maybe an obvious question (brain storming question) but......did you check the bias setting on the BHSE for the tubes change ? 
Would be good to also review the Chord Electronics Qute and QBD76HD as these two DACS have rave reviews in the HiFi World !
Hi AnukChanThank you for your reply.It maybe dust that has got past the grilles although my room is relatively dust free. It does sound a bit like an insect zapper so it could be very small fragments of dust on the electrostat pads.I will have a look at the weekend when Im back in my UK home as I work away during the week.
Hi All,   I have been using my new Stax 009's for a couple of weeks now linked to a Woo Wee which is linked to Chord Electronics Cyan Click Integrated Amp.  Using this rig to burn in the 009's whilst I await arrival of the HeadAmp BHSE (estimating not till middle of next year) !   I have started to hear a strange buzzing sort of noise from the right hand earspeaker.  The only way I can describe it is it sounds like when you hear an electric "short" / just before a...
Hi All,   Has anybody done a comparison of the GS-X Mk2 with the Auralic Taurus Mk2 and the Woo WA22 (with or without ugrade tubes) running balanced with HD800, HD650's, LCD2's & LCD3's ?
Hi TheAttorney,Yes I agree the trailing DIY sockets didn't help at all although like you said I wouldn't thought it would cause such a dramatic change to the music…maybe a bit of detail and clarity lost.    Saying that the Woo Wee set up we listened to does sound slightly better (slightly more detail and spaciousness) in another room where I am using a better grade of extension cable and input sockets although the difference is not huge like I experienced with the BHSE....
Hi icebear, Could be possible although Im using the same power source albeit in a different room with my Woo Wee set up with the same DAC and it doesn't sound flat / lifeless and has plenty of volume and power to it ! 
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