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Yes, same for me with my other silver aluminium hifi components.   The purple colour also looks amazing in the photos although like the blue colour have never seen them in the flesh. 
Thank you astrostar59 for your reply.  Much appreciated. Yes need to do some demo's for curiosity of nothing else.  
Hi astrostar59,Thank you for your reply.   Much appreciated. Yes looking at the Lampizator Big 7 SE or GG.   Would love to hear a tube DAC to hear the difference with my current Chord Blu CD Transporter and Chord QBD76 DAC.   Been reading a lot of reviews on various hifi websites (including whatsbestforum) of a number of hi-end DAC's i.e. TotalDac, Lampizator and Nagra HD.  They all seem to be very good companies and products with very good reviews from quite a lot of...
Thank you Crashem.   Certainly food for thought.   I would be balanced all the way through too as I am a big fan of balanced hifi systems vs SE.
Hi deuter.  Yes I do. Awesome headphone amp. 
Anybody heard or own a Lampizator DAC connected to the Headamp BHSE with Stax 009's ?   If so, is it single ended or balanced ?  
Hi nepherte,Why do you say to stay away from Lampizator ?  Have you heard their DAC's with the BHSE and 009's ? 
Thank you nepherte.  Much appreciated. I currently have my Chord Blu CD Transporter 2 x XLR's (AES/EBU) linked to my Chord QBD76 DAC to get maximum 176kHz sampling. My QBD76 is XLR balanced linked to my BHSE.   The sound is great.  Would love to know though (through curiosity if nothing else) if the Nagra HD DAC or any other of the DAC's I listed sound better to my ears to what I have but as I am currently working away from home cannot get a demo on the Nagra. It's also a...
What about the NAGRA HD DAC ?    Anybody done some serious auditioning with this DAC linked to the BHSE with 009's ?    Comparison of the NAGRA HD DAC with other high quality popular and not so popular DAC's people have on HeadFi.org linked to their BHSE i.e. Ayre QB-9 DSD Chord DAVE Chord Hugo Chord QB76 Shiit Yggdrasil TotalDac d1 Light Harmonic DaVinci Lampizator DSD DAC Levels 4 to 7 & Golden Gate    etc etc (the list goes on).
If front end, interconnects, headphones/earphones etc. are all good, it's not worth comparing the BHSE with the Stax SRM 007t11. It's night and day for me having heard both (not at the same time mind but my KGST was far superior to the SRM 007t11 when heard side by side and my BHSE is superior to my KGST by some margin).  I would say XLR is far superior than RCA connecting to the BHSE.  More of everything i.e. power, bass, treble, sound stage etc.  When oyu use balanced...
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