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Great  It's a nice mirrorless camera with a nifty autofocus but I find it difficult to get it to focus when I'm trying to shoot close-ups of my gears. My dad's also a photographer as well as an audiophile but he's stopped pouring so much money into his photography and he's always been relatively stingy with audio gears.
It's a pretty good combo to me. However, the O2 is notorious for lacking enough current to really drive orthos with no problems so I suggest you to never try one for the life of your wallet  your O2/ODAC combo will probably beat your onboard audio simply because the O2/ODAC units are separate and designed with only one function in mind while the onboard audio is an all-in-one solution. I've tried the HD800 with my 627 MICRO as well as the FiiO X5 in-built amp. Holy crap it...
I'm just curious; I'm skeptical that he won't be affected by upgrade-itis. This is head-fi after all 
What's your rig? 
I was shocked to find out that its footprint was as big as the Apex Glacier's - matching the X5 - and it's almost (I think) twice as thick too. Still, it's bass boost is monstrous  Only reason why I don't have a picture of my rig yet is because my Nikon V2 is charging 
I bet it's Hanasaku Iroha since you've been watching it recently  Haha don't worry; artwork is entirely personal preference and I don't have a problem if you find it not to your taste Personally I loved SR to bits though; so much so that I have and thoroughly enjoy the vocal album. Internet is throttled after 3pm (stupid Three Mobile UK) so I have to get it tomorrow. It's the price I pay for unlimited internet! I have got study leave in the month proceeding so I probably...
 Jokes I've heard good things about Ever 17 so I'm curious now! Angel beats on the other hand, I dropped it after the first episode for some reason which I can't work out and can't remember; weird. The ratio of VN/anime I've dropped compared to the number that I've completed is probably at least 1:3 and probably more so dropping katawa isn't so bad  Classic only-six-faces-or-less syndrome imo  
Decent, I would say. I hate how the FiiO E12 is way too big for the DX50 though 
I submit, you've won  you'd better add Symphonic Rain to that list though Thinking of reading Ever 17 next and then either watching Hanasaku Iroha or trying Angel Beats again.
+10000000000. Imo most any amp would pair well with the DX50 though as the DX50 has a clean and neutral line-out. I've personally auditioned a lot of amps - Apex Glacier, C&C BH2, JDS Labs C5, Portaphile 627 MICRO, FiiO E12, ALO Continental V2, SR71b - with the DX50 and all of them sounded excellent. 
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