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That's some...interesting...animal action you got going there...
Check my signature for the rig I'll pair it with. I'm fairly confident the 627 MICRO will sound better than the E17 but I've never tried it with the E17 so I can't really comment.
Sorry, but I don't understand the surprise :3Finished the Stein's;Gate anime! Not too bad a watch I must say.
Try modding them. They sound much better afterwards.
The MA-900 pairs well with anything, right? Should be no problem with my rig then!
Will do. I cut away the center of the baffles already in preparation.
Silly I wonder how the SFI drivers will sound in that enclosure...hopefully good!
The headphones I took apart on the previous page with the beautiful machined cups and giant 55mm paper-cone drivers.
The TDS-257 (what I call the TDS-5 driver transplant) hasn't been getting any ear time recently as I'm waiting for ESW9 pads to arrive before I further tune the sound. I also want to put SFI drivers into the APH-902 but they haven't arrived either. Perfect for waiting for the materials!
I was more surprised when I saw how big the drivers were tbh Yea, the metal cups were supposed to be glued onto the baffle but someone must have taken them apart already as the glue was missing on one side.
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