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Butt teh diztorsin maeks et sownd gud k bro? That was torture to type.
Fair enough, just letting you know.
Yup, or if you have an android device you can output an USB digital audio signal too.
Yea it is, I own that combo after all. It's not really problem for me but YMMV.
He did say super-slim though, so I thought of the slimmest amps I know of 
It's a USB DAC. Just use a micro USB cable.
Closest thing would either be a Headstage Arrow 12HE or an Apex Glacier. 
WATCH IT!!!!!!! Here comes another listing on my anime backlog 
Will do, panda.
I rewatched it once, and only once. I swear my soul nearly died both times... [[SPOILER]]
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