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Already making it happen! Got helped on my way by exesteils too  Thanks! I keep thinking it's a bit too plain though and it's definitely too short as I originally intended it to be a 6+ minute song. Now I can't be bothered though  Yay, more instrumental! Loving it :)
Ooo, may I have the link please? I'm curious about what the rest of it sounds like!EDIT:I got bored of producing this track so I decided to upload it unfinished. Enjoy 
Lucky I'm guessing that most salesmen don't really know what they're talking about due to insufficient training as they're only paid to sell as much stuff as possible. The main market for home audio and theater won't know much so he doesn't need that kind of specialist training either and it's therefore cheaper for the business not to train him. In addition, he probably gains a bigger commission if he sells a larger amount of the same brand than mix-and-matching different...
Confirmed by iBasso apparently. Don't remember which post exactly but I definitely remember seeing it on their website.
No trades, sorry.
I'm really beginning to love shaft works. That art style especially; it's glorious!
In that case yup as it's been discontinued some time ago. I recommend the DX50 over the X3 as the sound UPgrade (not sidegrade imho) is worth it for the waiting time.
So, I've finally found an anime that I'm willing to stick with for more than one episode. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei appeals greatly to my twisted sense of humor 
Revised rankings. Denon AH-D2000 (so comfortable with alpha pads and it sounds great to me after my light felt mod) Aedle VK-1 (it's rather uncomfortable for long periods of time but otherwise superior to the D2K in other aspects) M-Audio Q40 (I want to swap this back for the HD25 ALU I lent to my dad earlier as that's more refined) TDS-5 ortho drivers in a Ross RE-257 shell (a bit uncomfortable and I still haven't managed to tune the sound to my preferences)
New Posts  All Forums: