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I reckon that DMA, Jaben and Mingo should have it for audition a couple weeks after its release.
Done and done.
Yup, I'm currently in Hong Kong which is the perfect place to audition something like this.
I typed 'bullsh*t detector' into google and that was one of the first gifs I found.
1000th post, along with a pic of my black neko!  
Buying maybe, auditioning definitely as I want an upgrade to my DX50 
^me waiting for April the 7th
Hah, that would be so convenient if we could do that. Magically turn the WM8470 into a dual ES9018k2m complete with implementation and replace the amp section with better components just by flicking this switch! No offence 
Comes with a free-of-charge severe fire hazard  
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