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1.2m. Some people don't like oyaide cables though, just a heads up!
The M-audio Q40 is pretty good. Requires a pad switch for maximum comfort though.
The only reason I posted it is because the price is so high that no one will be crazy enough to buy it. Did you even read the rest of my post before judging me?
Off the top of my head. Full-size: MDR-7520, Fidelio L2, Focal Spirit Classic On-ear: HD25 ALU, Beyer T51P, Thinksound ON-1.
Wouldn't exactly call the HD650 portable!
Amperior pads are way too small. Anyways, just got a pair of RPDJ1200 velours. Hoping I didn't just waste more money.
Anyone know of a good pair of velours that are 90mm in diameter? Trying to find a good pair that fit my HD424.
I'm a boarder so everything I carry has to be at least reasonably mobile. Naturally, that means no vinyl for me 
That's hardly on topic  but playing along, I stand by my Abyss AB-1266 comment earlier.I recommended the Koss ProDJ100 to a friend who required cheap studio monitors. Sense of accomplishment indeed!
^Very nice mod! Great that it sounds nice to you too  Welp, there's a YH-1000 on ...but it's listed for $1899...
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