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Hope you're enjoying them like I'm enjoying my D2Ks  Apparently we do! I call voodoo magicks 
So beautiful, looking forward to the finished result!
So, I have the sudden inexplicable urge to play Aoishiro. Yes or no?
Why not add your one  (unless you posted it already).
My only source is a DX50; not known for it's EQ prowess at all. Another person who likes instrumentals with the D2k 
If they get there by friday...First episode of Hanasaku Iroha done. Smooth ride so far!1337th post. Sweet! 
Welcome  I don't listen to any metal, sorry. On the good side, there's no problems here for me with regards to the D2k's speed. I mostly listen to instrumentals, EDM, vocal jazz, rock, classic pop and other random stuff like game and anime OSTs. I listen only out of the DX50 > 627 MICRO for everything which I think is a neutral to warm-ish combination though imo it sounds good with most any pair of headphones. I know the D2k is not the most ideal pair of cans for my...
It's an album that's a compilation of jazz remixes of classic songs. Some really great female vocals in there (these sentences are a hyperlink to the album).
I sure hope jellofund hasn't done anything to enable him to sell those at a good price! Btw, Jazz Audiophile Voices sounded amazing with these headphones...until I heard the click of my MICRO running out of battery 
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