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Please read through this classified before asking any questions. Chances are, any questions will have already been answered in the bullet points below. Any questions which have been answered below will receive a generic reply from me linking this classifed. >>> One minty iBasso DX50, $old. General information: This item will ship via Hong Kong Post as a Registered Small Packet mailed via Air Mail. Pay only US Dollars to my PayPal account please; I will...
Nope, I just noticed that pony in your display picture and quoted something I randomly remember from MLP 
Anyone want a near-mint DX50? I want a DX90 so having a DX50 will be redundant.
Damn I need a credit card to pay using my paypal account and I don't have one. Looks like I gotta buy it from a physical store in Hong Kong then.
Now let us together hope that the sound quality matches the beauty and that it arrives ASAP and then I will be happy happy happy :D
Friendship (and audiophile brainwashing) is magic 
Thanks  what do they usually list as? I bought mine for $81.77 (including shipping to HK which costed $31.78) and I plan to do something like a dynamat mod or something if they don't sound good. I don't particularly like the thin metal gimbals or the bulbous headband  
Just bought a pair of completely unknown vintage headphones on ebay. Got them purely because of the beautifully machined cups.  Gotta find a new headband for them though as the current one is ugly as sin.
Too much time in the boarding house I guess. It's incredibly boring there 
Man, I joined when I was 15. I feel kind of young. I also have no idea how I got over 1k posts in ~8 months...Early morning here in HK. DX90 should be coming out reeaaaalll soon 
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