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Amazing upgrade, transforms the headphones to a completely new level.
How do they sound? How'd you get the headband for the headphones?
Second one to the left. What is that? It looks so cool!
Signed up. 
Both the Q701 and K701 can be modded to have more bass with some simple mod that I've inconveniently forgotten. I think it was to do with the bass port of the headphones. The Q701 apparently has more bass stock than the K701 though.
I knew that by some definitions that was a loli and by other definitions it wasn't and you had happened to specify the latter definition before you edited the post; so I decided to point out that there was a former definition, not knowing about your ninja edit! Yes I have a retarded sense of humor :D
I was half taking the piss actually 
She's a loli  
Man, I really don't think about the innuendos that can be made when I post Good point, a loli can be any age and it'll be totally unknown as to whether it'll be legal or not.
Still not as bad as what I had in mind. An obsession with anything is fine as long as it's not overly perverted or twisted  lolis are definitely cute, but I wouldn't want to have anything sexual to do with something that looks like a 10-year-old kid. 
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