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Off the top of my head, I can think of the FiiO E11, Digizoid ZO-2.3 (but it's amping capabilities are sketchy, people like to combine it with the E11 to make up for this) or maybe the E12 if you get really lucky and snap one up used.I hated the DT1350 comfort when I tried them. I'd recommend the T51P or the HD25 ALU (if you can get one for cheap-ish and if not the Amperior). I haven't had any experience with the XS so can't help you there, sorry.
No matter how repetitive it gets it's still gotta be better than the original mass effect. That some one of the most boring combat that I've ever gone through, only being bested (for the worse) by grinding EXP in runescape 
Yea, that's another issue which my dad used to get annoyed about (he now has the DX90) and I've experienced before adapting my habits. I think it's more to do with the sensitivity of the touch screen than the size of your thumb though. Just use strong and decisive gestures to avoid this and don't lightly brush the screen if you want to scroll. It's a quirk of the DX50 which is a shame as its the only complaint I have about them apart from the loose HO and LO. It's...
Scroll diagonally across the screen, not straight down. Far more reliable a way of using it I've found out as you obviously get more scrolling distance. What headphones do you have?
Plastic Nee-san is one of those animes that you watch one, laugh a lot and then move on. At least, that's what happened to me. I'm pretty sure it's also one of those love it or hate it animes. Try it anyways, it's really short for an anime series.
Male comedy or female comedy? 
Already making it happen! Got helped on my way by exesteils too  Thanks! I keep thinking it's a bit too plain though and it's definitely too short as I originally intended it to be a 6+ minute song. Now I can't be bothered though  Yay, more instrumental! Loving it :)
Ooo, may I have the link please? I'm curious about what the rest of it sounds like!EDIT:I got bored of producing this track so I decided to upload it unfinished. Enjoy 
Lucky I'm guessing that most salesmen don't really know what they're talking about due to insufficient training as they're only paid to sell as much stuff as possible. The main market for home audio and theater won't know much so he doesn't need that kind of specialist training either and it's therefore cheaper for the business not to train him. In addition, he probably gains a bigger commission if he sells a larger amount of the same brand than mix-and-matching different...
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