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If they get there by friday...First episode of Hanasaku Iroha done. Smooth ride so far!1337th post. Sweet! 
Welcome  I don't listen to any metal, sorry. On the good side, there's no problems here for me with regards to the D2k's speed. I mostly listen to instrumentals, EDM, vocal jazz, rock, classic pop and other random stuff like game and anime OSTs. I listen only out of the DX50 > 627 MICRO for everything which I think is a neutral to warm-ish combination though imo it sounds good with most any pair of headphones. I know the D2k is not the most ideal pair of cans for my...
It's an album that's a compilation of jazz remixes of classic songs. Some really great female vocals in there (these sentences are a hyperlink to the album).
I sure hope jellofund hasn't done anything to enable him to sell those at a good price! Btw, Jazz Audiophile Voices sounded amazing with these headphones...until I heard the click of my MICRO running out of battery 
It would be pretty amazing to be a cat-human  (cat lover here) Damn my MICRO just ran out of battery so I have to take them off now unfortunately!
I got very lucky! When I saw the price I stopped thinking properly as the only thing going through my mind was 'holy crap that is a good deal' 
Check my signature. I only have one pair left 
I'm not a master but I'm a modder-ish 
And here's me 
Haha, don't worry about it man. I have considered the MDs but when I saw the price the D2k was at (GBP76.4!?!!!?!!???!?!!!!, the one offered by jellofund) I couldn't resist and had to pull the trigger on them 
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