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Kiev or Smela?
If this isn't Portaphile appreciation, I don't know what is. A review, yay!
Writing up a review for the 627 MICRO while listening to it paired with the DX50 and Aedle VK-1. 627-ception! Once again, I'm not watching anime. Gomen, gomen!
Oh right, gotcha.
What is that DAP?
Black Voodoo Magicks!Pickeringus trollus ultimatus!
Geh, the only dark warm cans I have personal experience with (and love) are the Aedle VK-1s...and those are way above your price bracket. EDIT: A pair of Mad Dogs may be just what you need.
Maybe it's carefully calculated to give them a comfortable profit margin...or maybe, like you implied, they think the seemingly higher price tag will attract more audiophiles to their products
That's right, I get it now. Not necessarily true, as we both are audiophile/basshead hybrids and our dual personalities get along fine with each other I personally didn't like the DT770 but that's only because I didn't like the recessed mids as I could still understand why others would enjoy it. On the other hand, I absolutely love the Q40 with alpha pads for electronic music paired with my Glacier and the lowest EQ band on the DX50 maxed out.
Same here. Welp, scratch that off my list...
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