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I got very lucky! When I saw the price I stopped thinking properly as the only thing going through my mind was 'holy crap that is a good deal' 
Check my signature. I only have one pair left 
I'm not a master but I'm a modder-ish 
And here's me 
Haha, don't worry about it man. I have considered the MDs but when I saw the price the D2k was at (GBP76.4!?!!!?!!???!?!!!!, the one offered by jellofund) I couldn't resist and had to pull the trigger on them 
Right, thanks for the information then. Definitely will be keeping it the way it is then as I enjoy the apparent warmth it has currently.
I'm slightly confused now. So the only thing that happens is the bass becomes of higher quality, right?
Glad to help the community Apparently so, as I didn't hear nearly the amount of sharp treble that I was hearing before the mods.  Thanks!So this is the final piece of advice that makes me want to forgo the MarkL mod entirely as I like dark, not bright. No experience on the LA pads however.
I angled them a bit less than that. The distance from the strain relief to the horizontal stitch is about twice that of the distance from the place where the yoke attaches to the cup and the stitch. [[SPOILER]] I also put a circle of Arctic Cotton felt sent to me by Nick N in front of the driver. [[SPOILER]] Those two simple mods helped reduce the treble to a manageable (for me) level.
I have considered putting felt or foam over the driver too but that might have detrimental and unforeseen effects.
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