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ROG is a subsidiary of Asus and both them and MSI have a line of laptops which are purely for gaming. I considered getting an MSI GS60 Ghost Pro myself before settling with this Asus number. Sager takes Clevo (an OEM laptop manufacturer) barebones laptops and configures them for sale to third-party retailers. Consider getting a laptop from them if you do upgrade your Alienware as all three have better bang for the buck than Alienware, Sager especially. Of course, there are...
This time?
I haven't tried the 3K screen for any multimedia yet but I suspect that my external HDD is gonna be filled a lot quicker as I now have an excuse to download 1080p anime! Use it, use it! Then, tell me if it makes a difference Haha the problem is that any number over 200 is one that I'm not willing to go through unless I have a humongous excess of time  
Oh right I see, then that's good that it at least still works for you. Have you tried taking the back cover off and cleaning the dust buildup out of the lappy? If not, I'd say that that's the primary cause of your laptop overheating  Mine has 8 too as I haven't bought a 8GB ram stick for it yet. I've only swapped out the piddly little Sandisk 128GB SSD for a much nicer 512GB Crucial M550 SSD.
Nope I was too lazy to do that ;3 The build quality of that asus lappy is frankly spectacular from my very limited use - reminds me of apple build quality actually as I have the Macbook Air I've been using right next to me as I type - but really, its a shame about the screen being that bad. Oh well, I've got it now, gotta live with my decisions no matter how bad they are. Sorry about your lappy too, alienwares are supposed to be build like a tank but even they have to cut...
And there goes another 602 posts right out the window.   Anyways, I just got the new Asus UX303LN laptop. The colour of the 3K screen is off and there's scaling issues but apart from that it seems like a pretty good lappy but I kind of wish I had gotten the UX32LN instead.
The bed head is real. Oh yea!
I used it unconsciously too. By the time I realized it was too late ;3
YKYAA when...
The feeling of oppai on your wrist while using the computer is indeed an unbeatable sensation. Super omega good idea! Such smart, very profit. Weow.
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