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YKYAA when...
I definitely had a problem with the JVC HA-FX650 though. The mid-range was so unnatural that I couldn't bear to listen to it for longer than a third of a song before I had to stop :L
Nope, it took some browsing just to find the reviews I linked and there's absolutely nothing else. I might contribute later on with my own review...eventually... EDIT: Jokes, first page on google search :P I've never heard of the Zero Audio Doppio :3 It's a dual-driver IEM but the point where they cross over is unnoticeable :o
That's linked in the OP already but thanks anyways :3Anyways, sure I can do that. It might be a while though as I only bought these for portable use.
I think you put it quite well actually as I hate overly-emphasized highs but this IEM had none of that being a nice and pleasant experience while still remaining detailed enough to keep me impressed and listening. Take what I say with a grain of salt though, I've only had a couple hours on this thing so far  oh and you're welcome, pleasure to help 
Yup <3 EDIT: In reply to your edit, I have to say that yes I think they're warm and lush and its a signature that I love as it just sounds so natural and effortless to me.
Update: Yamaha YH-1 ADL EH-008
Suzumiya Haruhi and Lucky Star were both ground-shakers. Sailor Moon was another classic example that I can remember. EDIT: I think Azumanga Daioh revolutionized the whole moe SoL genre too.
I've only had them for a few hours but I can already say that they're worth every cent I paid for them from my limited listening time. They have a natural sound signature that drew me in and kept me interested for a long long time. In short, they sound damn good, especially for the price of HK$1500 (~US$200) that I paid for them. I replaced the stock ear tips with comply T-400 foams for comfort reasons though. EDIT: Oh I forgot to comment about the rings. I've tried to...
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