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Nice, pleasant and smooth sound, right? It's why I fell in love with them in the first place. It's the type of sound signature I prefer! Anyways, I use a DX50 into a 627 MICRO amp and it's the perfect combination of glorious smoothness.
It's great that you like them more now! I've always liked the sound of them with the T400s and my portable rig. 
School started so I've been forcing myself to try and actually do some work   I'm not willing to go through 5k worth of posts ._. :| .-. |: ._.
Decided to pop my head back in here after my hiatus. Hiya guys!
It's a sacrifice of more musicality and listening pleasure for less airiness and detail.   I find it decent with the T400s but I don't remember what they sounded like with stock tips, sorry.
The portatube doesn't quite have enough power for orthos IME.
Hopefully they'll see more coverage as more people get to know them!   These have just the right sound signature to tickle my ears and I consider myself to be notorious for hating crappy treble response so they must be doing something right! They definitely don't have the best bass extension though but it's enough for me.
YKYAA when you enjoy good rigs but can't help but be annoyed at crappy ones COMPROMISE 
Doesn't seem to be too popular of an IEM tbh, glad that someone else has joined the club 
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