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Someone else sees the light <3 whenever I see one I get the urge to play with it! By extension, I love nekomimi too. Nekomimi master race. EDIT:Nope, but I want to!
Mine just shakes his head whenever I say I've bought new toys 
I love cats so the more the merrier! Playing with a bunch of cats rin natsume style would be so damn amazing :3Yea, it made me really really uncomfortable when sorata went all aggro on mashiro and it almost made me drop the anime altogether.
A cat cafe. Holy crap! For me, that's heaven and a half! EDIT: I've watched sakurasou too. It's probably one of the better harem animes in that many of the typical tropes used in harem anime are deconstructed and/or averted. The moronic MC trope is still alive, kicking and played straight as a ruler though. Also, the MC is rather abusive at times...
My father is on head-fi too...with a glorious 0 post count 
Here you go. [[SPOILER]]
While we're on the subject of stupid videos.
It's always a fun project to mod a vintage phone and make it sound great! If you do decide to undergo that project, welcome to the modding club On another note, I recently purchased a broken pair of Pioneer SE-6s out of curiosity and took them apart. I can post pictures if any of you want!
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