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Bugger, that May meet is one I won't be able to meet due to the pesky A-level exams going on...shame!
Any idea how the F-1 compares to other DiY boards like the Amanero, WaveIO or DiYinHK module?   Also, I'd imagine something like this would be pretty good when it comes to powering the F-1.   http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/accessory-ipower/   No need for all the power filtering when the initial supply is already good, right?
Some men just want to watch the Carbon burn...
On a separate note, were Alex and co busy this week? I sent in a contact form regarding my faulty LC a few days ago and still haven't gotten a response; should I be more patient or send another in?
Sorry  that must hurt And nah, I only have 2 receivers that I plan to use, the Rotel RX-802 and the Harman Kardon 930, and speakers to pair with each. I do have a wishlist but I don't really plan on buying anything in the near future.
I got lucky this time; scored the DTM-8s for 255 quid!
Arrives Thursday so I don't know. Should be better than the KEFs for my use case though!
Did it because I had a spare female 6.3mm jack lying around and I was bored. Not bad for spending nothing  Also got a pair of Tannoy DTM-8s on the way; Rotel RX-802 or HK930, hmm...
I just made a simple headphone adapter for the speaker taps of my Harman Kardon 930 and damn, this is a whole new experience...
Selling a UD110v2 in good condition. Not sure how much these go for so make me a reasonable offer and let's take it from there. 
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