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They do sound pretty decent just like this but I need a pair of stands, to rearrange my furniture and all that jazz..   Nah, all of them combined did cost more but the HK and Tandberg were about the cost of the A717...
Not enough space for a proper setup unfortunately so it's towering over my head at the moment  I am; its a very sweet sound out of the KEFs. The Tandberg and HK are pretty tied at the moment, only time and an eventual full servicing job will tell. Ironically they were also the same price minus the shipping costs of the Tandberg. I'll also have to reservice the Armstrong as the right channel is a few dBs lower than the left and I might as well do the whole thing while I'm...
So, I ended up not springing on the A717 and instead buying a few other things...   KEF Model 104aBs   Armstrong 626 NAD 7020 Harman Kardon HK930 Tandberg 2025
Meanwhile, my dad's the reason I got into hifi in the first place with his damn sexy speaker setup...
Out of curiosity, what would be a fair price for a 717 in good condition?
Also the 717 is pretty much minty-looking and the 9500ii is decent but not the best condition.Ahh it's a hard hard choice indeed...
They both sound like serious pieces of kit in all honesty. The 717 has an isolated power supply but the 9500ii is dual mono and both have their merits. Both have designs that makes sense and both seem to have a really impressive sound. Power isn't much of a concern as I'm using it in a near-field setup at the moment though it would be nice to have extra on tap in case I ever decide to switch setups.
What would a fair price be for one of those?
Do need a little advice.   I have the option of going for a Pioneer SA-9500ii or an A-717 for roughly the same price. Should I get either or buy something else e.g. Kenwood or Yamaha or something?
Vintage Armstrong 626 paired with modern Wharfedale 220s!
New Posts  All Forums: