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Ermahgawd I listened to the Fostex HP-V1 in Jaben earlier today. Damn that tube sound...urg...I wanna upgrade now...damn...but I just bought my 627 MICRO a couple months ago...rawr...
I literally got a couple strange looks before I realized that not everyone appreciates the joy that is scantily-clad nekomimi :3
I was on the meow meow revolution fb page for about 5 minutes. Then I realized I was on a barely sfw nekomimi page. On my phone. In the middle of the HK Apple store. Schiit.
Yea, I went too late and there were way too many of them for me to be comfortable. I'm trying again later though
That put a grin on my face at least
Ok, I'm not going to ani-con it seems.
And I'm off to HK Anicon now!
Nuuu ;3
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