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My life? What's that? Never heard of it!
Longer summary of my impressions on these IEMs:   The bass was a little muddy and boomy with the stock rubber tips until I swapped in the Comply T-400 foamies after which they tightened up nicely and give just the right amount of kick and rumble for my tastes without being too boomy. The mid-range is so smooth and effortless, rather reminiscent of an ortho mid-range actually, and gives the music a lush and rich character that I find myself enjoying. The treble is smooth...
Friend: NEW WOW PATCH SUCH EXCITE   Me: weow   Friend: actually took the day of work because of it lol   Me: did you actually   Friend: yeah lol   Me: I swore I just saw your life flying away over your head
Haha these are all off the top of my head and I ended up having those two things happen to me yesterday  Dayum the perfect solution for the lazy audiophile... ...problem is even if I use an X10 I'll probably forget  Dayum that's happened to me too...everyone's just asking me what to buy and it always makes me sad how I can't extend that budget $100 or so more  
YKYAA when you worry about whether you've turned off your DAC and Amp every night.   YKYAA when you have to explain the concept of a DAC and an ADC to others.  
Shure 840 pads might seem like they work too, surely the number of pads are endless! PMed btw!
Also, along with the ordinary HM5 pads, the thicker ones might have good results too. 
Pads are expensive though so YMMV 
Alpha pads from Mr Speakers have been reported to be quite nice on the HPH-MT220.
Dayum I seem to be a walking bunch of FFIX references 
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