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Will we get to set up our own rigs too? 
Patiently waiting for a response from cavalli to that contact form I sent in a few days ago
Sounds like the resistors aren't rated for a high enough power for the application. Smoke only tends to happen if a component can't handle the power passing through it 
Any chance of an upgrade option for gen1 LC owners? That SE noise issue was getting kind of old...
I'd recommend these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/301766583653 Really cheap, made of a very nice pleather and aren't too stiff like most cheap Chinese earpads are.
Still don't have the room for that, unfortunately. The best setup I've found at the moment is with them fairly near me sitting on sorbothane hemispheres to isolate them from the table. I expect the sound of my setup to improve tremendously when I move to a new place as I'll have enough space to push the speakers way back away from my desk by then. 
The Harman Kardon 930 consistently beats out my other receivers so now it's pretty much the only one I use. Thinking of upgrading it now but not sure where to start...
 55L x 50W (57 counting the small square bit sticking out the side of the driver) x 9D. All dimensions are in mm. I also believe someone else did a transplant but I don't remember who.  [[SPOILER]]  Would any other pads fit on them? I love HM5s myself and they're generally the only ones I use nowadays. Not gonna add to the sorb hype anymore btw; just try it and see for yourself  It's not just the surface area but the magnet to hole ratio, how the driver is tensioned,...
Or you can sell the drivers to me 
I think we all pushed our first few cans perhaps a bit too far at some point; I remember being frustrated at the stripped screws of my TDS-5 and staring in horror as I accidentally tore the diaphragm a few weeks later when I first started on this mad journey! I used to be searching desperately for a cheap platform for my own transplants; if only I'd known about that sony back then! Sometimes the best transplants are the laziest and less stressful though  it does sound like...
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