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Arrives Thursday so I don't know. Should be better than the KEFs for my use case though!
Did it because I had a spare female 6.3mm jack lying around and I was bored. Not bad for spending nothing  Also got a pair of Tannoy DTM-8s on the way; Rotel RX-802 or HK930, hmm...
I just made a simple headphone adapter for the speaker taps of my Harman Kardon 930 and damn, this is a whole new experience...
Selling a UD110v2 in good condition. Not sure how much these go for so make me a reasonable offer and let's take it from there. 
Looking for a pair of these speakers for pickup in around London. Please PM me if you want to sell these!
Such heartbreak...
Will we get to set up our own rigs too? 
Patiently waiting for a response from cavalli to that contact form I sent in a few days ago
Sounds like the resistors aren't rated for a high enough power for the application. Smoke only tends to happen if a component can't handle the power passing through it 
Any chance of an upgrade option for gen1 LC owners? That SE noise issue was getting kind of old...
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