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That sounds about right, hopefully then I'll have gotten how to use the Soekris boards right on point!
Ordered some and will be comparing with spinfits!
Haven't tried them yet, but I bought one and I'm hoping to learn how to use it! Designing my own enclosure and everything for it too.
For a modern option, try the Soekris DAC boards with added modules!   http://soekris.com/products/audio-products.html
(Rather chaotic) Final Audio Heaven VI VS Flare Audio R2Pro plane quick comparison!   Song Flare Audio R2Pro FAD Heaven VI Less bright and easier to listen to More relaxing shhs Good drum impact - full and solid Vocals still pure and flowing - sugar! Shhs -- cymbals! -- more pronounced Brighter Drums hit slightly less hard - tad muffled Vocals pure and flowing but the damn shhs ruin...
Yea, there is, which is the bad side. It's what's keeping me from being 100% happy but I'm slowly learning to live around it: carrying around an extra battery and a charging pack and being very careful about the volume.
They're out of stock and have been for a while now AFAIK 
Any idea what kind of op-amp can replace the LME49710s in this circuit? So far, LME49990s are proven to work. Thanks!
Edited, forgot about the power draw too.
The R2Pro is such an excellent pairing with the Cozoy Aegis, a case where 1+1=3 :)
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