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Wonder if this would be legit: http://component.iiic.cc/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1852765   I'm currently waiting on the DAM1121 from Soekris to come out tbh but he's having difficulties so best thing is patience  
I see a PMD100/200 filter in the DiYinHK kits, would this count as that kind of filter? I don't know too much about this kind of stuff tbh  
Hmm, it might be a better idea to get the AD1862 kit from them instead. I doubt I'll notice any significant difference in the sound if I do so. Another project I've thought about is modifying an old CDP to be a DAC but that's not something I should go into too much detail here!
Thanks for the help guys and I've contacted the seller to see if I can cancel the order. Any idea of where to get real Ks? 
I happen to already have a DiYinHK 0.8uV 12V bipolar supply board and two DiYinHK 3.3V/5V 0.8uV twin supply boards so I'm just gonna use those for a start. Not sure which transformers to use though; the selectronic R-cores seem pretty attractive though. Also, I got my chips from this eBay seller.
I ended up springing for the new DiYinHK XU216 board as well as their PCM1704 DAC kit to replace my old DACMagic.
Hmm, wonder if it'll be possible to supply clean power directly to the board without having to fool around with a solution like that as power and signal being transported in the same cable isn't the best no matter how much isolation or noise rejection there is. I'm the type of person to shy away from expensive cables in all honesty 
The line filter seems reasonable. The power cables on the other hand...
The F1 is bus-powered then? Oh, fair enough, I actually had no idea that DiYinHK offered boxed solutions.  You plug it into the one-box solution if required  
Hmm, I assume that's the old verses the new DiYinHK board. Didn't know they had classifications like that! The F-1 is almost twice as expensive as the 4A, but that doesn't mean anything without a meaningful comparison. I wonder how the DiY options stack up, like the AMB Sigma11 or the DiYinHK 5VDC regulators. Since the F1 board is a bare PCB, I reckon that a lot of the people interested in it have at least some skill in DiY which is why I'm asking.  Another reason for DiY...
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