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Sorry to ask this question again but, Does anyone know where to buy wire for recabling headphones in Hong Kong?
Listened to the PM-1 in DMA HK. Has a wonderful smooth relaxed and warm sound that's perfect for jazz and chamber orchestral but not so good for aggressive genres like rock.
Had to use high-gain and the orthos just still didn't sound like it was receiving enough power.
I've got my own too, those are indeed a pair of beauties.
I found that it really struggled with orthodynamic headphones. That's what I meant by insufficient power.
Any Hong Kong-ers up for another meet some time? I'm guilty of missing the last two for various reasons 
Sorry, what do you mean?
I don't play league competitively so I really don't have motivation to actually win games; I pretty much play league of legends purely for fun (What, fun in league of legends, what's that?). So many people in the online community get mad when things don't go their way though so they take their anger out on their team or the enemy and unfortunately for the people who are more emotionally sensitive it kind of ruins the experience of gaming. Shame the average mental age of...
I actually find it rather amusing how some people can flame so hard in a mere game! I can also be a massive troll so naturally I egg them on sometimes too ;3
Too much samurai manga.  It seems to be worse because it's such a big community (probably the biggest actually). Bigger communities naturally mean that there are more of every type of people, including toxic phuks! The way to get around it is to get as many friends playing in one game as possible  
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