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Thanks! It actually was half-inspired by Touhou  Yea I'm still working on my transitions. I have trouble with executing them successfully currently, trying to find ways to make it smoother.Gotta experiment with my next song then, when I do decided to make it (it'll be a while knowing how lazy I am).
Meep :3 For people not on facebook, here's a new song that I made. Feel free to rip it apart and criticize it all you want, I need to improve!
ESW9 pads also work if you don't like the feel of fake leather but they're rather more expensive.
Meep! I tried but it didn't work because I forgot the BBcode tag for spoiler :3 changed it anyways because I'm back home now.
I can't put that pic in a spoiler on mobile ;_; have to do that when I get back home! For those of you not versed in Chinese superstition, 4 is said to be the unluckiest Chinese number as it sounds similar to death when said in Chinese Oh and I've been playing world of tanks recently. Anyone else know that game?
Thats nsfw? Dayummmmmm. I spent too much time in meow meow revolution.
Update on the number of posts I skipped this time:Chinese people, you know what this means don't you?  [[SPOILER]]  So I found this wallpaper while browsing the web. Dayummmm.
[[SPOILER]] It started from this. Then I just added more and more stuff to it to troll my friend - I'm up to super duper omega good job :p - and it stuck!
I was gonna congratulate mechy a couple hours ago for getting a relationship upgrade but my phone was acting up so I couldn't do it on here and ended up doing it on FB instead 
I would imagine that it was cracked and that the fabric was kinda ruined too but I'll never know! Hmm, I removed the drivers from the YHD-1 shell already but I think it'll be fairly easy as the headband was just glued on. The original one rotted off so I removed the residual glue from the attachment point so a simple leather strap glued on will probably work.
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