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I agree with that, good power supply is important to good audio quality. You don't need to spend too much on it though, better to upgrade other parts of your chain.
Me, boris(b1...etc), charles (NLNH)...pretty sure I'm missing a few.
Been in a club. Never again, its way too loud. Haven't been in a lounge before though, I'd like to visit a nice jazz one or something
I reckon Koss KCS75 or Sportapro drivers would work pretty well.
Looking forward to it!Photoshop me in to eheheheh:3On a separate note, I finally watched a large part of Angel Beats on the flight like mechgamer123 told me to. Liking it!
Too far, sorry. Just arrived not long ago and I'm a mess
Where? It'll take me at least an hour to get back home in Fairview Park
I'm alive! And back in HK.
Its why I switched to android. I got tired of iTunes stealing system resources from my PC.
Any well-made power cable will work wonders for your setup. It doesn't have to be boutique, just reliable. Like I said before, don't pay a premium. However, I'll expand my statement and don't be too cheap either, like the guy above me said.
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