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YKYAA when you worry about whether you've turned off your DAC and Amp every night.   YKYAA when you have to explain the concept of a DAC and an ADC to others.  
Shure 840 pads might seem like they work too, surely the number of pads are endless! PMed btw!
Also, along with the ordinary HM5 pads, the thicker ones might have good results too. 
Pads are expensive though so YMMV 
Alpha pads from Mr Speakers have been reported to be quite nice on the HPH-MT220.
Dayum I seem to be a walking bunch of FFIX references 
[[SPOILER]] Tbh the main improvement between the DX50 and 90 is the amp section so you're not missing too much by getting the 50  
 Nope, everyone has their own preferences. One guy might love the HD-800 and another the LCD-2.2f for instance; it's the joys of this hobby to discover your own favourite and share it with others! YKYAA when you discuss this hobby in a forum 
Honestly, the naturalness of a pair of headphones is worth far more to me than the neutrality of a pair of headphones. YMMV though
Been chill al-chan (huehue), making my occasional appearance on head-fi! How dare you, there can be only one meow meow >:cKidding :3
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