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Didn't even have to try hard to hear a difference honestly, the XU208 is great~
The problem is I have no vinyl to speak of or space to store it 
It's the same unit btw; I'm ferrying it around until I get around to finishing my DiY DAC!
The left and right balanced outs are swapped around on the DACMagic so I turned it upside down to avoid crossing over the cables when I connect it to my Liquid Carbon.
My two rigs!    
Did up two Mr Speakers cables for my friend. This one is done with Mogami quad, a DHC molecule jack and nylon sheathing. This one isn't technically a new one, just me fixing a broken cable. I used a spare 6.3mm jack for the Y-split as the old one was broken.
Got my F1 and am currently powering it straight from my laptop. Either my DACMagic USB section sucks or the F1 is brilliant...or both. 
I love you,You love me.We're a happy family.With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,Won't you say you love me too?
Uhh, I've never heard of the SS-35 honestly so I have no idea, sorry.
I do fancy a nice pair of army boots myself  You just peel the old pads off, carefully if you wanna keep them intact, get some double-sided adhesive sheet at the local craft store and use that to stick the new pads on.
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