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They make everyone look like the epitome of cool and hip 
Excellent pair of cans but not to my taste unfortunately. Also, don't forget to post a selfie with it on! You'll understand why once you put it on  
Should I continue watching Student Council's Discretion?
Tempted to sell all that and get a DAC/Amp combo so I don't have to deal with that problem  Which can?
TFW you get bothered by the size difference between your DAC and amp but are on a tight budget.
Am I supposed to be this bothered by the size difference whenever I look at my desktop rig? 
My life? What's that? Never heard of it!
Longer summary of my impressions on these IEMs:   The bass was a little muddy and boomy with the stock rubber tips until I swapped in the Comply T-400 foamies after which they tightened up nicely and give just the right amount of kick and rumble for my tastes without being too boomy. The mid-range is so smooth and effortless, rather reminiscent of an ortho mid-range actually, and gives the music a lush and rich character that I find myself enjoying. The treble is smooth...
Friend: NEW WOW PATCH SUCH EXCITE   Me: weow   Friend: actually took the day of work because of it lol   Me: did you actually   Friend: yeah lol   Me: I swore I just saw your life flying away over your head
Haha these are all off the top of my head and I ended up having those two things happen to me yesterday  Dayum the perfect solution for the lazy audiophile... ...problem is even if I use an X10 I'll probably forget  Dayum that's happened to me too...everyone's just asking me what to buy and it always makes me sad how I can't extend that budget $100 or so more  
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