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Currently, this is my desktop rig. See the problem? The size different is just too great! Therefore, can I have recommendations for an amp roughly the size of the DACMagic or a DAC roughly around the size of the Gilmore Lite V2 in this picture? I'm going to use the amp with orthos and the DAC must ideally have USB digital in and RCA line-outs. Thanks!
Maybe that's just me not liking the sabre sound but I didn't find it to be a significant upgrade tbh 
Mmmmmm, warm and toasty.
Does it cook bacon too?
10/10 sexy cans
More internets.Fair enough, only on EP3 so I haven't watched all that much.
Dayum dem suggestions doe.
Yus something to watch on my flight to HK then 
Odear.... Plane-safe? 
Nobito pls Crude humor amuse me too so I don't know whether to facepalm or laugh when I watch the show  
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