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The power of placebo can and will create miracles c;
Yea, he does want something not useless for anything else except gaming. Thanks for the suggestions!
Threw together this build in the end: and I'm just double-checking to see whether I've got the right idea. Suggestions will be wonderful  
Thanks for the help mate c:
Yoo, just wondering but can any of you guys give me some advice on a PC build for my friend? He has $700 and wants to be able to play CoD, DayZ and Mortal Kombat on med to high settings. He also doesn't care about the size of the build or the power consumption. Thanks guys 
Thanks but it's been months since I've posted this cx
You must master the power of the force young padawan.
I could try that out once I get the K7XXs and ideally a pair of proper K712s along my side to audition them with. I believe that the same or very similar driver was used throughout the K7## series of headphones and that the main changes are the pads anyways. Why don't you hop on then :3
Hopping in for another visit! What did I miss? As for me, I jumped on the K7xx drop a couple days ago as soon as I saw AKG K702 Annie with more bass and better treble and I'm looking forward to receiving it. Hopefully my Gilmore Lite V2 is good enough to push it!
 Reminds me of the time when an old vintage-head walked into Jaben HK where I was auditioning gears and I could just sense his enthusiasm and joy as he picked up a NOS pair of Beyer DT150s that happened to be on sale at the time!
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