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Join the dark side of the faders!
I thought this was appropriate...
For all you bassheads out there.
Guess I should pop my face back in here. Sup guys!
YKY an audiophool when you sidegrade your DAC based on this:
Didn't like the E12 and DX50 pairing because the size different irritates me :3 As for sound, the E12 is warmer but with a bigger bass boost iirc. Don't remember anything other than that, sorry.
JDS Labs C5 is a good option which fits perfectly with the DX50 which won't break the bank either.
Omg. Shure SRH1540s. Heathrow airport terminal 3. Omg.
Lucky you then, it's a wonderful-sounding pair of cans and it's good that you can enjoy it 
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