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That puts the total cost of the kit to roughly $120 I think which is still cheap for an R-2R DAC.The above kit and the Audio G.D Dac19 are the only ones which come to mind at the moment.
No filter unfortunately. My experience with the tips seem to be that the flare silicones are the darkest and bassiest with the spinfits being the brightest and leanest with the complys being in the middle. Keep in mind that this is all relative and that even with the spinfits I still find the R2Pro to be slightly dark and weighed.Edit: however the treble quality on the silicones are the worst being somewhat peaky and harsh despite the bloated sound.
I'm gonna be doing a review of the Aegis soon; stay tuned!
Oh wow, the drama here is palpable :s To attempt to steer this forum back on track, the Flare Audio silicones seem to make the R2Pro a lot darker and bassier compared to the Jaben spinfits I have on there.
Not too many changes all of those I plan to implement or exceed (except the resistor change of course).
I've thought about it too but I can't at the moment as my Soekris project is burning my entire wallet away x3
Anyone tried the DiYinHK R2R DAC kits? Thinking of picking one of those up for practice.
One board delivers balanced output through an output buffer, which isn't true balanced out. Two allows for a fully discrete balanced design which should be a lot cleaner than the stock buffer.
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