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Speaking of IEMs, I went to Jaben HK to try the ASG2, UE900, IE800 and some earsonics IEM. Maybe it's just my mood but I wasn't too impressed by any of them.
They won't even suspect 
Is that a sansa fuze? I love the sound that little thing can produce :3
Shh I'm a ninja mate. Not yet, I've been a lazy dude lately 
On a separate note, someone drew this for me~
I've never had that problem. Why? My handwriting's always been crap 
Stressing impulsive purchase. :3 Depends... As he says. Online can sometimes be cheaper. Idk though, I just saw desktop amp and I bought desktop amp 
 I didn't need a pair of headphones as I'm happy with my yammie ortho but I didn't have a proper desktop amp so I impulsively pulled the trigger 
I pulled the trigger on a Gilmore Lite V2 for $400. Credit cards are evil. What do?
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