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Guys guys, to lighten up things, why don't we have a laugh at my temporary solution for protecting the F-1?   
Unfortunately, the Rednet 3 is, for some of us, too much to afford so I'm glad there are still devices like the F-1 which offer great bang for the buck 
Found a Goodmans Module 80 for 20 quid sold as parts and repairs as it had its power cord cut off. 30 minutes spent replacing it and it works perfectly fine and it's not a bad sound either!  
I couldn't wear them for longer than 5 minutes as a result. Tak's TH-600 headband idea is very captivating though...
It's mainly cause the RP18s are a little too small for my head and not the pads, unfortunately!
Might as well follow in GREG's footsteps!   Sound rating: NAD RP18 Mr Speakers Alpha Prime The Bucket (Fostex T10 diaphragms between T20v2 magnets in DiY wooden cups) Flare Audio R2Pro Wharfedale ID1 Beyerdynamic DT-880/2003 Yamaha YH-100 Pioneer Monitor-10 Yamaha YHD-1 drivers in JVC HP-1000 Fostex T20v1 Yamaha HP-1 Fostex T10 Beyerdynamic DT-770/1981 Yamaha YH-1 AKG K7xx Sennheiser HD25 ALU Yamaha YHD-2   Usage rating: The Bucket Beyerdynamic...
I got a royal mail tracking number, not a DHL one. Anyone else have experience with that? 
Sure Joe, I'll be back in July!
Btw, WZ is sending me a new F1 to replace my broken one. He sent me a tracking number that didn't work; hopefully, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I'll get one that actually works.
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