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Hi guys,   I'm sorry if this has been discussed already, but have any of you worked out a proper case solution for the F-1?
Picked up a DT770 circa 1981 on fleabay the other day in absolutely beautiful condition. Drivers are 573.2 and 574.9 ohms respectively; Beyer QC was pretty good even back then! I had to do a couple mods to it (felt instead of foam in front of the driver, using angled HM5 pads and paxmate on the back of the driver) to tame the treble and bring up the sub-bass a bit but overall I'm pleased with how it sounds. Anyone know what the two diodes on the drivers are for, though? ...
Still doesn't work, could the XMOS chip be damaged by static due to being an exposed board? :/
F1 has stopped working...weird. LEDs still light up fine, only there's no music...
Old news, I posted about that a while ago. I have it; still mainly using the F-1 though as iirc that's just a USB to I2S converter.
Didn't even have to try hard to hear a difference honestly, the XU208 is great~
The problem is I have no vinyl to speak of or space to store it 
It's the same unit btw; I'm ferrying it around until I get around to finishing my DiY DAC!
The left and right balanced outs are swapped around on the DACMagic so I turned it upside down to avoid crossing over the cables when I connect it to my Liquid Carbon.
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