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Read what I typed again and then post your opinion Besides, I don't really side with either camp when it comes to burn-in. As long as it sounds good, I'm happy!Haha it actually sounded better than I expected out of the Alien! I wasn't expecting a mere 55mA to help it along the way so much!I'll be free during Easter c:
The bass has definitely improved after I've gotten used to it, now there's bass when the track calls for it and none where there's none.Its a lot better with IEMs than the friggin ortho I plugged into it last time Build is as impressive as my first impressions too*
Mine came in a while ago (silver SN 00490) but I finally got around to listening to it tonight. Sounds bass-light but that's just because I'm used to having some bass EQed up on my DX50/627 MICRO combo so I have to get used to it.   @NLNH thought you might be interested :p
The A71s are certainly a lot more prolific than these IEMs! I haven't heard those however so there's nothing useful from me unfortunately!
We have another member! :D   Seriously though, it seems these have so little coverage its kind of sad!
I'm not sure, as the Alpha Pads worked nicely last time but I might try something different this time. Any suggestions? :D As for the cable, I'll probably make one myself again with the likes of toxic cables wire as it's a fairly simple affair for me now.
Ended up jumping on the D2000 train again...however, the pair I have this time will require a change of pads as well as a recable so it'll be a while before I can use it properly.
Nah, haven't tried the DN-1000s, sorry. Also, I haven't managed to at all because they just won't come off at all with the strength I used and like you, I'm scared to break them    I still love their sound signature though!
It's a one-man business so it's going to be incredibly hard on him. To be honest, I'm surprised he's lasted in the business for this long!
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