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Honestly, the naturalness of a pair of headphones is worth far more to me than the neutrality of a pair of headphones. YMMV though
Been chill al-chan (huehue), making my occasional appearance on head-fi! How dare you, there can be only one meow meow >:cKidding :3
YKYAA when everyone asks you "Wtf is that thing (my portable rig) in your hand?"
Haha I'm a student supremus so no way mine is superior to yours 
Haha I know, I'm just fooling around too! ...wait I could've sworn my wallet just got an aneurysm. 
>Newbie>Tons of gear Dude mate I'm a supremus and my wallet's still screaming in pain when I look at your collection  
Looking for a new mouse because my Sensei Raw is nearing the end of its lifespan. It has to be light and suited for a claw grip as I don't like unwieldy mice. It preferably should under 100g and have a perfect a sensor as possible. Here's my considerations so far:   Steelseries Kana V2 Zowie FK1 CM Storm Spawn
Wynaut sell them? You get a little bit of return on them no matter how little you sell them for 
Comfort is subjective.
YKYAA when you're pleased that you've made yourself a new pair of RCA interconnects.
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