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Want. Very. Much. Want.
The ones with ICs especially are pretty overrated imo :s 
Never heard any Mac gear but it's beaten my Tandberg TR-2025L, Rotel RX-802 and Harman Kardon 930 so far so it's damn good even stock.
 Speaking of sony, I have a Sony STR-6060FW in my main rig now and I'm not letting it go for anything!Absolute beauty with new LED fuse lamp lights replacing the old burnt-out incandescent ones.
I would've as well were it not for the early ICs ruining the sound and making them incredibly hard to service. Now torn between the KA-6000 and 6004! 
Mmm I'm leaning more and more towards that Kenwood amp as it's capable of some very good things 
Wondering whether to go for a Kenwood KA-6000 integrated or Pioneer SX-828 receiver for my third rig to power a pair of LS3/5As, hmm...   Edit: Saw a Kenwood Eleven ii; as long as it's not relying on ICs, I'm ok with adding this to the list too.
I use mine with a Theta Basic IIIa. Magical pairing!
Haha  yup, no chance of it getting damaged now! I have an iFi iPower 5V hooked up to it too and I must say, it sounds marvelous into my Basic IIIa. Much better than the old DACMagic, for sure. Now to burn it in...
Guys guys, to lighten up things, why don't we have a laugh at my temporary solution for protecting the F-1?   
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