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I board in the UK so I rarely get a chance to league during school term 
And the number one source for suggestions :p
Pic was taken during Christmas so my memory is a bit hazy but from what I recall, it sounded pretty damn good but its price man...
Here's me with the Abyss! Can confirm that they're heavy at least.
Do you people have any experience with cheaper CIEMs such as the Cosmic Ears CE6E? Since I'm a poor college student I need the more budget options since I may not be able to afford something along the likes of the JH16 
JH16s seem to be a crowd favourite for heavy-hitting bass cannons! Keep in mind I will have absolutely no EQ on hand though, as the Shozy Alien is a screenless DAP based on the concept of the Tera Player and iPod Shuffle (except much cheaper than the former!).
Starting to think of CIEMs for portable use and I'd thought I'd ask you guys for suggestions!   Looking for a solid deep bass section, rich mids and pleasant but accurate treble. No budget yet, as it will be a while before I actually purchase it (at least July). Will probably be pairing it with the Shozy Alien. 
+2, and even more so when comparing the DX50 with the Alien. Adding the 627 MICRO however changes things, but it's a $769 combo in total including the interconnect which is far more expensive than the $140 I paid for the Alien!
I can hear it if I pay attention too.
I think he meant the X3 is clumped together, not the Alien. Some hiss detected in quiet sections of music with my ADL EH-008s. Brilliant sound apart from that and it sounds meatier than my desktop rig too which makes it perfect for portable use. I'm also starting to think about getting a pair of CIEMs but I simply don't have the bank to afford them though! Damn this hobby...
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