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Suzumiya Haruhi and Lucky Star were both ground-shakers. Sailor Moon was another classic example that I can remember. EDIT: I think Azumanga Daioh revolutionized the whole moe SoL genre too.
I've only had them for a few hours but I can already say that they're worth every cent I paid for them from my limited listening time. They have a natural sound signature that drew me in and kept me interested for a long long time. In short, they sound damn good, especially for the price of HK$1500 (~US$200) that I paid for them. I replaced the stock ear tips with comply T-400 foams for comfort reasons though. EDIT: Oh I forgot to comment about the rings. I've tried to...
It's not 
It was you who mentioned it yesterday, wasn't it? Thanks for the recommendation but sorry you can't hear it personally 
I forgot to ask the Jaben salesmen to let me demo that xP I did, however, also try out (the former two of them for the second time) the ASG 2, the IE-800 and the S-EM6 though. The S-EM6 was godly but way out of my price range~
Maybe it wasn't the SM64 I auditioned but something else? I'm known for being weird like that 
They sounded way too bright and thin to me.
I preferred these over the HA FX-650, the SM64 and the UE900. They just have this effortless tonality that's so attractive to me and the build quality is stellar too.
3Westone 4R, SM64, UE9000 and UE6000 spotted.
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