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Gonna play devil's advocate here and say that 100g on headphone x can feel different to 100g on headphone y if the weight distribution is different. 
Sometimes to get to tricky places, I like to use a blunt syringe and apply a couple drops instead of spraying directly. Helps prevent accidentally spraying too much too.
I would've jumped on the GenV if I hadn't already bought a Basic IIIa recently 
Looks like I'll have to eat my words about not owning anything above 100W as I just snagged an Akai AA-1200 with 120 watts per channel for a cool 81 pounds  
You get people enamored with EL84 amps on the order of 10 or less watts after all 
Personally, I don't see the point of so much power so I've only owned sub-100W gear. The most powerful is my CR-1020 at 70W but I need to fix the power supply first before I start using it properly.
Want. Very. Much. Want.
The ones with ICs especially are pretty overrated imo :s 
Never heard any Mac gear but it's beaten my Tandberg TR-2025L, Rotel RX-802 and Harman Kardon 930 so far so it's damn good even stock.
 Speaking of sony, I have a Sony STR-6060FW in my main rig now and I'm not letting it go for anything!Absolute beauty with new LED fuse lamp lights replacing the old burnt-out incandescent ones.
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