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They pair quite nicely with the Xiaomi Pistons 2.1 too despite them being $20. I might head to the local Jaben to try even more out once I'm back in HK. I'm also curious as to how they sound with the HD25 ALU!
Just interesting to see how well the Alien drives IEMs at all price ranges I use the ADL EH-008 with mine and practically no one's even heard of them :3
All these people with really expensive IEMs and then there's me with $200 ADLs haha
Read what I typed again and then post your opinion Besides, I don't really side with either camp when it comes to burn-in. As long as it sounds good, I'm happy!Haha it actually sounded better than I expected out of the Alien! I wasn't expecting a mere 55mA to help it along the way so much!I'll be free during Easter c:
The bass has definitely improved after I've gotten used to it, now there's bass when the track calls for it and none where there's none.Its a lot better with IEMs than the friggin ortho I plugged into it last time Build is as impressive as my first impressions too*
Mine came in a while ago (silver SN 00490) but I finally got around to listening to it tonight. Sounds bass-light but that's just because I'm used to having some bass EQed up on my DX50/627 MICRO combo so I have to get used to it.   @NLNH thought you might be interested :p
The A71s are certainly a lot more prolific than these IEMs! I haven't heard those however so there's nothing useful from me unfortunately!
We have another member! :D   Seriously though, it seems these have so little coverage its kind of sad!
I'm not sure, as the Alpha Pads worked nicely last time but I might try something different this time. Any suggestions? :D As for the cable, I'll probably make one myself again with the likes of toxic cables wire as it's a fairly simple affair for me now.
Ended up jumping on the D2000 train again...however, the pair I have this time will require a change of pads as well as a recable so it'll be a while before I can use it properly.
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