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And the Snugs tips look a lot more durable to me too in all honesty.
Tbh, I got them done at the last hour of CanJam strictly as an impulse after thinking on it at Wagamama with a couple friends. I'm hoping this turns out well.
Unfortunately my ears were all taken by the T20 
And it should have a lot more coverage than it does currently.
Wonderful experience on Saturday. Some highlights were:   The Schiit/Mr Speakers (Electromod) joint stand: I had to wait for ages for the Schiit Audio Yggy and Ragnarok but when I finally got to listen to it with my vintage orthos it was a wonderful experience hearing them out of a truly high-end setup I loved the sound and design of the Mr Speakers Ether and Ether C; the frequency response chart were just yummy and I could hear it. I would have bought the C...
They're rather polarizing from what I've heard other people say. You either love them or you hate them and its the same with their IEMs. That's what I mean with the EQ. If you can be bothered then they may work.  EDIT: They also need a pad swap to sound their best.Yea, that's the kind. As a generalization, planars have deep flat bass which can hit hard when called for while still having really good mids. I recommend the non-fazored edition as on the fazor edition the bass...
If you want tight clean bass with good mids, go planar-magnetic. None of those options have good mids in my experience with the quality getting worse the further down the list you go. EDIT: The TH900 is V-shaped, the SZ2000 requires heavy EQ to even sound good, the XB1000 is rare af and if I recall correctly it's purely a basshead can too.
Someone else had handed in theirs already
I got a pair of Snugs custom eartips. Will let you guys know how it turns out after I receive them.
Dampening. Thickening the material attenuates treble and vice versa.
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