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POSSIBLY the Q701, if you like that kind of sound signature.
The Lite DAC60 also has some really good rep.
Just the board costs $235 for the 1021-2 version mate, you might want to get out your calculator first before throwing around assumptions like that  
Same, that's half the reason I'm going to CanJam 
I'm tempted to get the Ether C too, but I have no money...
There WAS the Hifiman HM602 but its discontinued now.
Dude, we need a CALCulator to CALCulate how much money we're going to spend to get our rigs perfectly synergized with the CALC...   CALC meaning Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon...   I'm sorry I'm punny I swear...
In short: it'll be loud, but it won't sound good.   Edit: relative to a large desktop amp that is.
You also gotta look at the sensitivity (edit: and power requirement) of the LCD-2. It's 101dB / 1mW which isn't actually that bad, but it needs a lot of power to be able to sound great (1-4W) via voltage swing which the Arrow probably won't be able to provide.
My HP-1 Aniso and hopefully NAD RP-18 Kapton will be there  Edit: Neither will be modded very much as my desktop amp broke so I have nothing to test them with.
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