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Would Mogami Neglex W2549 work for a pair of RCA cables? I have a set of switchcraft RCA jacks which have an opening diameter of roughly 7mm so I don't think either of the cables mentioned will fit. 
I haven't tried them personally as the only portable amp with a 1/4 inch jack I've tried is the GoVibe PortaTube and that probably won't have the grunt for a pair of orthos. The website does put the iDSD forward as having a massive amount of power output but again, no personal experience so I can't verify this. BillsonChang007 (tagging doesn't seem to work) does personally own it and uses it with a pair of AKG K702s so shoot him a PM and he'll be able to provide more...
Micro iDSD perhaps, not many options available.
Just use something like a cardas, grado or sennheiser 6.3mm female to 3.5mm male pigtail lead or DiY your own.
Oh and I personally have no problems not having a 9V battery option either, but its a personal preference. We'll stick with our internal battery and you stick with your 9V option and lets all be happy yea?  
Personally I was using it with a pair of orthos before I got my Gilmore Lite V2. 
It's actually not that loud when I use it with my ADH EH-008. Weird as I'd expected it to sound louder.
Are there any places to get wire in the UK apart from toxic cables? I've sent them a PM and they don't seem to be responding.
There, my old picture of the Pickering OA-7 drivers. A rather flat dynamic type!
I bought the pickering oa-7 myself. It uses a special type of flat dynamic driver.
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