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The opamps used deteriorate the sound if you ask me. They can be replaced if you're skilled with a soldering iron but it's risky.Also, to make it rival top commercial offerings, you really need to do your homework with regards to how you implement it. For example, a simple traffo connected to the DAM1021 won't make it sound anywhere near it's top potential.
No but should be easy. Do you want/need true balanced out or can deal with the opamp buffer?
@conquerator2 hey Lukas, it was fun spending time with you! Hoped you liked the talk we had along with Ed in Wagamama too
That's what I mean by half-CIEM 
The custom tips haven't actually arrived yet unfortunately. I ordered this company's offering at CanJam and it'll take two weeks or so to prepare. My ears got 3D-scanned and then they'll be made of silicon if I recall correctly.
I went the half-CIEM route  does that count?
At the end of the day, the prejudice against high-end headphones does work against us. Not many people know of the value an Orpheus holds.
Yea, I used those too. Was curious as to whether people use anything else though.
I mean what brand; there's no doubt that I'll keep using the 4-pin XLR. 
Still trying to decide whether to use the Neutrik 4-pin XLR or go with something else with my cables.
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