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Little thing definitely has heaps of good sound!
I jumped on the Baldoor E100 hype train a few days back just out of curiosity. Apparently they're the next great thing in the earbuds world so I just had to see what all the hype was about.
Lets set it to below US$1000 for now, as I want to see what the general market is like first and what kind of options there are.
The order is given!
Good! Join us, we have good sound  Btw, what are some good pairings for the Alien? I'm still thinking of getting some new IEMs and would like a to-go list!
PM sent
Mong Kok have many audio stores such as Jaben, DMA and Kingsound that have nice amps for sale. 
Honestly, the DX50 > 627 MICRO does sound better but the Alien offers so much more portability and I was sick of the 627 MICRO's 4-hour battery life!
Hey I practically only own the Alien since I sold my 627 MICRO
I like cats :P
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