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I'll call you al-chan.  
That's what I get for previously having the pleasure of owning 4 cats  Ouch, that's too bad. I guess that's life though; you win some you lose some!
I'm just going to leave this here.
Damn, you got me. Yeap it's indeed a variation of the two. As for why? Well, I started using it in real life. My speech patterns are reflected in the way I type so naturally I started using it when talking to friends on FB or LoL and on head-fi too. 
I definitely skipped it while going through AAMML 
Weow then, I'm done with about half of prisma illya's first episode. Damn, I gotta say it's so strange to see shirou, illya, sella and leysritt eating breakfast like that...
Haha, I just despise all fluorescent colours, whether on headphones or something else. It's just a pet peeve of mine 
Urg, fluorescent pink. Sorry, but that's just not for me. Maybe if the leather were black. :3Personally, I like the ESS Mark 1 AMT headphones. There's just something about them that attracts me.EDIT: That's not my ESS Mark 1. I wish it was.
Yea, the schiit lyr I think it was. The 627 and lyr sounded much closer than the 627 and O2 or lyr and O2 ever did.
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