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DACMagic only does the job but it's not really even close. Think 4 inch speakers compared to 8 inch.No workshop or space to build them unfortunately.
I was using a DACMagic before which was only a placeholder until I got a better DAC. Gets the job done but nothing special. I have sorbothane hemispheres under those speakers, also gets the job done until I can afford stands.
Here's mine: Laptop > Singxer F-1 DDC > Theta DSPro Basic III > Sony STR-6060FW > Tannoy DTM-8s or Cans Sometimes I use my Liquid Carbon for my cans instead but everything else stays the same.
Wonder if it'll be possible to replace the opamp buffer section with a discrete or tube buffer...
I have the 6060FW, the tubey sony cousin. Absolutely amazing little thing...
I have one, it's really nice but a bit expensive.
You never want to swap in a smaller capacitance than what is used unless you know exactly what you're doing. You can swap in a larger value, but not smaller.
I'm joking haha it's just because they're a lot older 
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