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I've always loved wolfson implementations - it was the reason I chose the DX50 over the DX90 - and I think that it's an underrated chip probably because it's not super expensive.
Cause I didn't include one. It's a simple split from the braid to two twisted cables per channel.
Did a MrSpeakers Alpha Dog/Prime cable for a friend. Mogami W2534 stripped and with each wire individually sleeved in 1/8in black techflex and terminated in a double helix 6.3mm plug.
I have over 2000 songs and mine also scans fine
I personally get roughly 4-5 hours on my LG G4 with the Aegis and Flare Audio R2Pro. Fortunately, I have the option to buy extra batteries so that's exactly what I did - three of them, in fact 
Unfortunately I haven't used the R2Pro with Comply foams in a while but in my case, the isolation is so extreme that I can't even hear someone knocking on the door to my room and entering.
I've got them with R2Pros. Impressions here and here.
I only know because I tried breaking the seal to see what happens and the results were...just don't ever try it  I actually have a pair of Sony hybrids I bought on the way but I don't think I'll be using them anymore; oops! The only thing I can do with less of is the brightness which I'll see if it can be magicked away using the teabag mod or something mentioned earlier in this thread.
Somewhat more detailed impressions of the snugs tips:   With an improper seal, they WILL sound bass-light, really peaky and generally like a pile of crap. Make sure to apply a little of the lube stuff they supply if you have difficulties getting a proper seal.   When properly inserted, they still sound brighter than with the comply foams. This makes them non-suited to badly-mastered material (there goes half my Japanese music!) but it's all worth it when you listen to...
Mine arrived today too; no shipping notification or anything, just a box waiting for me. The pair I have are based on the R2Pro and are just what I expected. [[SPOILER]]  Initial impressions are that since they're made of silicone, they brighten the R2Pro up. Isolation and bass quality though is just amazing.
New Posts  All Forums: