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 You can use the DX90 like a DAC connected to a USB port of the PC. You have to install the drivers and configure the output of the player to use the DX90.
 Hi. I have a question about DX90. The DX90 support DSF files. Is it able to play native or it converts DSF files to PCM? Thanks.
Sell completed.
  Only ideas, review the name of the pics. I named them: front.jpg. And the extension.
Hi.   I sell a Ibasso DX50 DAP bought 24/02/2014 in The DAP works well and good condition. Actually, it has installed dual boot: Rockbox and Mango (official player).    I live in Spain.   Thanks.
 I also have a problem with the install (I touched where I should not). And I had the same problem trying to install 1.6 but it was without problem with 1.5, after I installed 1.6.
 I proved this new firmware and the sound quality is very good, in my opinion.  The only things I am some not happy are: - the battery, I read the measures are not too reliable, But it looks very demanding, in 30 minutes of play the battery was down by 10-20%. With the stock firm the battery was at the half after one week of use. - the default size of font, it is too little for my opinion. - some themes don't work very well (ex: redux).  If "standard" rockbox has similar...
Hi. I finished of install the DAC driver 1.0 and I connect the DX50 in DAC mode. However, it doesn't work, there is an exclamation in Mango device: Windows couldn't check the digital signature of the device driver. I am using Windows 8,1. How can I resolve the problem? Thanks.
 Yes, the S3 battery and compatibles work without problem.
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