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 Great firm and great settings. :)
  If it is available to DX50, I don't have problem to test it.
 I use the same configuration and the SQ is awesome.
 I prefer don't express my opinion in public about this topic. ;) The DAC/AMP are the fashion device. Great firm, great job.
I searched for megasound explosion 1.1 but I only found megasound explosion v2.   Someone has a link?   Thanks.
Hi.   I read about the different firms and they catch my attention.    I think the preferences depend about the headphones your are using. I use a Shure 535 Red Edition with my DX50.   Which (possibly) could the best firm to use with them?   Thanks.
 I had a similar problem, I used foobar2000, I am continuing to make tests.
100 lbs 125.2 lbs 150 lbs
 I don't have problem charging the player.. I charged it today without problem.
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