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 There Is not cue sheet and they are ripped from CD.
I think I  detected a bug in RB. When I play X - Ed Sheraan in FLAC format, RB plays only the first 10 seconds of each song.    However it plays without problem in Mango from the same SD card. 
 I also perceived a lower volume but it is with replaygain active and files with this tag. It is the same case, Rockbox have an option to up the volume automatically for those files.
 The rockbox is in another file, you can download the last version from: Or this post:
 I used it and it works without problem. You have to copy the .rockbox to root of internal memory and copy the update.img to same place. Then you select Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Firmware update. It installs the firm and after the reboot, if you place hold on appears a screen to select between mango and rockbox. You can get the rockbox from here: . Or this...
 Many thanks, it worked without problems. I deleted apps and rocbox folders and copied .rockbox.
 Finally, I got to install FW 2.2.0 + Lurker's L0 + RB Loader, first I followed the instructions from the first page and then I installed this firm. However, I am able to boot Mango but when I try to boot Rockbox it shows an error: Rockbox installation missing. How can I make to have Rockbox working? Thanks.
 Someone tried it? I tried to install it from SD but the recovery shows firmware not recognized. 
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