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I know right, I don't think it's closed though, I just think the guy is inactive, as he hasn't replied to me either.
I need to ask as it's been a while, but is this still available?
The FiiO E17 by itself almost maxes out my budget, so I don't think that will be a possibility.
I was almost sure of that, but I still have a question, which is about the bass, as while hearing everything is awesome and something I really want, I need a good amount of bass, otherwise I don't enjoy the headphones.   So basically my question is, with about a 50 dollar amp, can I increase the bass in the hm5's by a good amount?
*Huff Huff* CLEAR!!!   I'm worried that I'm going to just need to make a new thread soon, as it seems people are losing interest... Or would that technically be against the rules?
The cable is a little short on this pair. Also, is their really not a better pair I can get for more, as I was thinking more around the $150 price range?
Is this a hard question, or has this thread basically just died?
Also, it needs some pretty good build quality, as some people in my place aren't exactly careful, so detachable cables would be nice, but by no means necessary.
This seems to have died... DEFIBRILLATOR!!!    Anyway, does anyone who has listened to both have an idea for if it's possible?   If I can't get at least similar bass to the m50's when the HM5's have a $50 amp, then can you recommend a headset with similar quality and sibilance, as well as bass, while having a better soundstage? Please remember though, they need to have minimal leakage to the outside, and be able to be worn for very lon extended periods of time, like...
Also, the question about the Bass would be good, as I do like having a good amount of bass, but definitely not overwhelming.
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