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I have onboard realtek ALC889 audio and I currently use Vsonic GR07 BE's but I want to improve my audio gaming experience. I thought about getting a better soundcard but I think having more soundstage is important (unless you think otherwise). Please don't recommend the AD700. Cheapest I've seen is $90 used and I only have ~$60 to work with right now. Thanks.
It's been about a year since I first purchased my GR07 BE's. Im still very impressed! The little wire mesh inside the canal keep getting dirty and muting the sound so I removed them. Immediate improvement in sound quality! I've taken these on international trips. They've been in taxi's, planes, buses, boats. I've carried them in my pockets, jeans, jackets, wallets, backpacks. I sleep with these on every night and most of the time I wake up laying on top of them or...
Just received mine. First impressions are not so good. I prefer the sound from my M2 with over 2000 hours but I'll give the GR07 a proper burn in before coming to any conclusions.    EDIT: Wow. I take that back. I love these!
  Thanks guys. I went ahead and ordered the GR07 BE. I think the balanced nature of the BE will be more beneficial when using them as monitors when playing instruments in my home studio.
Would you guys recommend these over the JVC FXT90? I mainly listen to fast progressive instrumental metal.
My second pair of Brainwavz M2s are ready to be retired. I loved them so much the first time I ordered them a second time and they're all I've listened through for the past years. I'm looking for the best IEM that will deliver a warm and articulate sound that closely resembles the M2s bassy/mid warmness but that is steps ahead in sound quality. I'd like to keep it under $200 US. I've narrowed it down the Vsonic GR07 BE and the JVC FXT90. I'll be using these IEMs while I...
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